Scott Peterson’s Sister-in-Law Alleges She Has Evidence to Overturn His Conviction

The sister-in-law of Scott Peterson, who was sentenced of killing his pregnant wife, claimed that she has evidence to overturn his conviction—17 years after he was convicted of the crime.

Janey Peterson previously claimed police officers ignored information surrounding the death of Laci Peterson, including a burglary across the street from their house in Modesto, California.

“There is no series of circumstances that fits the evidence where he could possibly have done it,” Peterson told CBS13 in Sacramento. She continued: “The justice system has failed here, and a lot of aspects have failed. And it started with the Modesto Police Department. And it started with the fact that they didn’t follow up on evidence that showed Laci was alive the morning of December 24.”

Janey Peterson further alleged that she has evidence of neighbors who saw Laci when on the day she disappeared in late December 2002. She said it is possible that Laci witnessed the break-in, approached the suspects, and was then kidnapped.

“There was an anonymous tip that came in that named five people being involved in the burglary, but only two of those people were arrested and questioned,” Janey Peterson said.

She added: “A Lt. Aponte who worked at Norco Prison in California called the Modesto police in January and said they had an inmate at their prison who was overheard discussing exactly that, that Laci had confronted the burglars at the Medina home.”

Authorities have previously said that the break-in occurred two days before Laci Peterson was killed. Prosecutors have said her timeline doesn’t add-up, CBS13 reported.

Scott Peterson, meanwhile, recently appeared in court regarding his death penalty conviction.

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