Minuteman Militia is a national coalition of patriot groups intent on providing the same kind of response on a national level, as the original New England Minutemen. While several states have their own Minutemen units, this group is designed to provide readiness and response capability from coast to coast. In order to do that, we facilitate communication between Oath Keepers, American Patriots, State Militias, Liberty Guard, and III%ers.

Since in a crisis or emergency communication is paramount, we do stress national inter group radio communication networks, as well as self-sufficiency, preparedness, medical and security training. During times of crisis, any service, medical needs and most importantly food and water can be an Achilles heel to any unit. We work with groups to assist in becoming independent of utilities, supply and delivery and professional services in order to minimize disruption via siege conditions or loss of supply lines.

Many of our members are current of former Military and Police. As citizens of the United States of America, we also have a duty to preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. A national network of like minded groups will be necessary to ensure continuity of Constitutional government, and it is our responsibility to preserve that capability independent of government, to keep government accountable, and guard against domestic enemies on a federal and state level, as was always intended under the Constitution.

If we value liberty, we are ALL members of The Minuteman Militia.


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