What is going on in Michigan? We did some digging and found out this isn’t the first time

"INDEPENDENCE DAY IN A DETROIT SUBURB -Taylor Michigan - Something very weird last night, and the Pentagon is calling this a meteor. So we now have the obvious UFO footage. Now, in the picture on the left, the upwards beam could be explained away as lens flare due to how bright the light source on the ground is. But the picture on the right proves without question that this is in fact a beam coming down and frying a target on the ground. Is this related to the alarm in Hawaii? Whatever this is, we won't be getting answers from the authorities, but I can flatly certify this is not a meteor."

Officially, I cannot endorse fake news of any kind. We have attempted to, and are continuing to attempt to prove the validity of the story, which I personally believe was an explainable phenomenon resulting in an optical illusion or anomaly in the picture caused by glare.

In order to establish some solid facts surrounding stories and photo’s of some kind of beam weapon or missile strike, we have spent a good deal of time looking into this. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find anything more than a couple of miscellaneous photo’s linked to stories from everything from Project Thor, to a missile strike, UFO’s or Lasers.

Again, in my opinion, this is hysterics, and sensationalism, so I have been steering away from this one. I think it was a meteor, I do not believe missiles or particle weapons struck Michigan, and the latest stories now show that Meteor Hunters have started finding Meteor Fragments.

If we are to believe any of this …. where is the impact site ? As many have tried to speculate, the Meteor Footage and the mysterious impact footage would have to be two separate events. There is no proof or evidence that the 2 or 3 pictures that have shown up were even taken in Michigan, or on Tuesday night. Honestly, the image looked familiar to me, and I do this a lot. At first I thought it was a munitions storage explosion from the Ukraine …. but none of the video or footage matched up.

Ukraine Munitions Storage Explosion

Which left me back at digging for data in Michigan for the other night. That’s when I found it. So while there is proof of nothing, I can only tell you about what was reported, and filmed in Escabar Michigan in 2015.  There are many ways in which one can extrapolate data from this, and one might be inclined to immediately believe they were two separate events, and maybe they were, and maybe they were not. But having looked into this one, I thought there was significantly enough relevance here to share what I found, and let you make up your own minds. It’s the only way I can present this in an honest way.  I have studied a lot of conspiracy theories, and I don’t believe it to be time wasted. In many cases I found out absurd stories were actually true, and even when they were in fact bogus, the act of researching them for yourself, is enlightening and educational. I don’t believe anything ANYONE says, but I do like to do my homework. So if you feel the same way, and are curious … here’s a question you might want to ask. What happened at Power Plant Explosion, Escanaba Power Plant in Michigan, on Feburary 2nd 2015?


Strange beam of light seen in the sky when power plant in Escanaba Michigan inexplicably exploded on February 2nd, 2015


Escanaba, Michigan Power Plant Explosion

It’s been well over a week since an electrical power plant substation exploded in Escanaba, Michigan, knocking out power and causing rolling blackouts for days. While power was eventually restored, very little information has been released about what might have caused it. Could it have anything to do with the bright beam of light seen shooting straight up out of the substation during the explosion?

The explosion occurred at 1:30 am on February 2nd in Escanaba, a city of about 13,000 residents located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The substation is near the city’s power plant and is run by the Escanaba City Electric Department. According to witnesses, the explosion and the beam of light lasted for several minutes. Power immediately went out throughout the city and residents were advised to keep non-electric furnaces going due to the cold weather or move to designated shelter areas.

Many residents saw the explosion and especially the subsequent fire, smoke and mysterious beam of light. When questioned, local officials said the light was from a train. Numerous videos were posted on the Internet, yet news about the explosion did not appear outside of Escanaba until a week later. Why?

The plant is not a nuclear facility and no UFOs were reported in the area before or after the explosion or anywhere near the beam. No unusual weather was reported, although some wondered if the beam was a secret HAARP experiment.

An interesting and somewhat sinister possibility has been suggested. In 2012, another mysterious explosion occurred in Alpena, Michigan, about 240 miles from Escanaba. That explosion, which was heard and felt by many in the area but was also not reported by the media, was centered at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center and there were rumors that the center was being used by Russian special forces troops known as Spetsnaz. Why? As part of a secret plot to take down the U.S. power grid. Now there’s a mysterious power substation explosion in Escanaba. Hmm.

I know – that’s a lot of far-apart dots to connect. But that’s what happens where there’s a mysterious beam of light reaching from an explosion to the sky and the only official explanation is a locomotive light.

What do you think it was? After all, it is YOUR mind to make up.


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