Biden’s Mixed Messaging Attacking Trump Republicans — Tiny Rallies

Chanel Rion — OAN Chief White House Correspondent
UPDATED 7:09 AM PT – Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Biden’s aggressive new messaging strategy is struggling – even Biden can’t keep it straight in front of sparse audiences on the campaign trail

In a new and highly divisive messaging tactic, President Biden’s Thursday address to the nation left critics on both sides baffled.

“MAGA Republicans…” Biden railed, “Embrace anger. They thrive on chaos.”

Standing against a now infamous blood red backdrop, Biden ominously warned that MAGA Republicans “live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

Biden went on to label all MAGA Republicans and followers of former President and likely 2024 contender as enemies of democracy itself. In subsequent Labor Day speeches in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Biden could be found speaking to small rallies and softening his tone:

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Biden found himself walking back his Philadelphia rant:

“I want to be very clear upfront. Not every Republican is a MAGA-Republican. Not every Republican embraces that extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with mainstream Republicans my whole career,” 

But that day, Biden went on to attack modern day Republicans as radically evolved from Republicans with whom he has dealt in the past:

“This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a totally different party, man. These guys are different.”

With Biden’s approval numbers in the low forties, the Biden White House is trying to restructure Biden as the new and energetic warrior against MAGA Republicans. But it’s clear the energy on the campaign trail seems to be lacking. Biden’s rallies all week have been sparsely attended as mocked by critics on social media:

This, in the same week Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania to support the GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz against the Democrats’ John Fetterman.

How much traction Biden’s aggressively mixed messaging will gain in midterm battleground states will be tested in the coming weeks as Biden prepares to go on the campaign trail.

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