Chicago guns matter founder praises Supreme Court decision on N.Y. gun law

FILE - The Supreme Court is seen at dusk in Washington, Oct. 22, 2021. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Jan. 7, 2022, on challenges to whether the Biden administration can order millions of workers at private companies and health care employees be vaccinated for COVID-19. Until the court rules, millions of workers face a patchwork of requirements depending on where they live. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

FILE – The Supreme Court is seen at dusk in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

UPDATED 8:37 AM PT – Friday, June 24, 2022

A gun activist in Chicago praised the Supreme Court’s ruling on a New York law, which restricted the carrying of handguns in public. While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Rhonda Ezell, the founder of the organization Chicago Guns Matter, spoke about the impact the court’s decision will have on gun rights.

Ezell founded the organization after she won an appeal in her federal lawsuit against Chicago over the city’s ban on gun ranges. Prior to this, the Supreme Court struck down New York’s conceal carry law in a six to three decision.

“This means a lot because our rights have been trampled out for decades,” said Ezell. “Even up to this day, they were still trying to impose more racist gun control measures that does nothing to stop the violence. All they want to do is disarm America for their little utopia of socialism and communism. In this case, here put a stamp onto that, it’s not going to happen and that they have to respect what the Second Amendment is.”

The Second Amendment advocate then went on to describe how she felt about her court victory being referenced during the justice’s deliberation.

“So, for our cases to be cited in this New York state rifle and pistol case, it means a lot to me as much as it does to anyone else in this country,” she noted.  “But it’s for everyone, it’s for all of us, because it’s going to set a precedent across this nation that we are not standing for tyranny from the political powers that be.”

In the meantime, Ezell spoke about what she has in store for the future of Chicago Guns Matter.

“I’m looking for someone to invest and bring a gun range in the city of Chicago, so that we can further educate the Black community — any community, all communities — because we want to get over the stigma of it’s taboo when you talk about firearm ownership in the Black community,” she continued.

Meanwhile, the Senate passed a bipartisan gun control bill, which incentivizes funding for state red flag laws. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she expects the bill to be voted on in the lower chamber before the weekend.

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