Emboldening the Enemy

Commentary Once again, a Democrat is in the White House, and once again, the Middle East is on fire. This might seem like an odd, even tendentious, statement. But it’s supported by the past half-century of history. Granted, the region has long simmered with ethnic and religious hatreds. And certainly there has been periodic flare-ups during periods of Republican control—such as the Beirut bombing of 1982, when Ronald Reagan was president. But Democratic control of the U.S. government seems to virtually guarantee a regional upheaval, and already we’re seeing this under the Biden administration. Under Trump, the Middle East was relatively placid for four years. Indeed, against conventional expectations, Trump engineered a truce between Israel and some of its longtime antagonists. Longtime Democratic stalwart John Kerry, now climate czar under Biden, warned that no agreements were possible in the Middle East without involving the Palestinians. Trump showed the ludicrousness of …

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