Chinese Human Rights Awareness Campaign Resonates With Regional Australians

Joey Huang landed in Australia as a skilled migrant in 2015, with a PhD degree and 15-year experience in transport planning in Shanghai. However, the main reason for his move was to escape the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Breathing the air of freedom in the southern hemisphere, Huang has been taking every opportunity to tell people about CCP’s atrocious human rights, not only to garner the support to end the persecution but also to awaken Australians to the regime’s threat.

Inspired by the global petition campaign “End CCP“—which started June 2020—Huang has recently joined a group of volunteers in a Weekend Car Tour initiative across regional NSW to increase the awareness about the CCP’s tyranny in China and its infiltration in Australia.

The car tour kicked off in February and has seen the volunteers travel to nearly ten regional towns, including Goulbourn, Wollongong and Lithgow, to put up the “End CCP” poster and collect signatures on the petition. The message is clear and loud: reject the CCP and stay true to Australian values.

“Our plan is to cover 100 NSW city (shire) councils outside Sydney Metropolitan Area by the end of this year,” the senior engineer now working for a Sydney-based company told The Epoch Times.

He shared that the tour aims to expose more Australians to the true nature of the CCP and how it is sabotaging Australian values and national interest.

“The global pandemic is a wake-up call to the world about the true character of CCP,” he said, explaining that Beijing’s early coverup of the outbreak, its ongoing refusal to share honest data, and its aggressive push of the agenda to dominate the world have prompted democratic countries to reset their relations with China.

He added that the Australian government is leading the world in pushing back against the CCP’s infiltration and regional communities need to understand the nature of the Chinese regime to uphold Australia’s values.

“Australia farmers are bearing the brunt of the trade war instigated by the CCP over the last 12 months,” Huang said, referring to the Chinese regime’s escalating economic coercion and propaganda campaign against Australia.

“We have an obligation to help them realise the truth about the CCP, especially its demonic nature.”

Huang’s view is echoed by Kerry Chen, a Falun Gong practitioner, who also joined the car tour.

The former university lecturer in China said while more Australians are now aware of the CCP’s aggressiveness, most of them haven’t yet realised its anti-human nature.

“Having lived under the CCP regime for decades, we have all experienced a thorough brainwashing, as well as unspeakable pain in the soul after realising its lie and deception, ” she told the Epoch Times.

“The CCP is much worse than just being corrupt or belligerent as many westerners think, ” she added. “It is a demon  set to destroy the entire humanity.”

Another volunteer Diana Hoosen has reached out to pastors in the regional towns to get their support for the initiative. One of the key points she has highlighted is the fact that CCP promotes and enforces atheism.

“I explained to them in the email that no one is truly safe from the CCP’s reach as it seeks to dismantle Judeo-Christian values that have sustained Western society for thousands of years,” she told the Epoch Times.

Hoosen also makes it clear that the campaign is not anti-Chinese, nor related to politics.

“Many of my colleagues and I love Chinese traditions, and we all have a wide range of connections with relatives and friends in China,” she writes in the reach-out email. “We love them. We believe many Chinese communist party members and policemen are all victims of the Communist regime.”

Many of the pastors have appreciated the information, and almost all have shared the petition with church-goers.

“Some pastors had never heard of forced organ harvesting before, ”Hoosen said. “We are opening up an opportunity for people to get to know the truth and take their moral stance.”

The “End CCP” message also resonates with the regional communities. Most passers-by stopped to listen and sign, and some brought their family and friends to put down their signatures.

In Tahmoor Town Centre of Wollondilly Shire Council, a lady offered to spread the message and managed to get 20 signatures within 10 minutes.

In Moss Vale, an 85-year-old lady who has nearly lost her sight took great pains to sign on the petition, telling volunteers that she moved here from Hungary 60 years ago and knew too well the evilness of communism.

In Lithgow, a local resident  Daniel Blythe commended volunteers for their bravery and showed concern for their family members’ safety in China.

“Thank you for taking such a risk to voice the truth,” he said to Huang after signing the petition. “I know the CCP agents are everywhere, and  I am also concerned about your family members in China, ” he added. “Please take care and  keep them and yourself safe.”

The Global Service Center initiated the “End CCP” petition to Quit the Chinese Communist Party. As of May 16 2021, it has collected more than 0.9 million’s signatures around the world.

The car tour has also brought to the communities Falun Dafa or Falun Gong, a spiritual practice in the Buddhist tradition based on the principles of “Truth, Compassion, Forbearance”, which first was brought to the public in 1992 by Mr Li Hongzhi.

Falun Dafa gained wide popularity in mainland China and spread across the world, where it is taught free of charge.

Chinese practitioners of Falun Dafa are the focus of an ongoing campaign of detention, torture and organ harvesting by the Chinese regime.

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