A Tribute to All Mothers Who Grace the Face of Our Green Planet

Among God’s wondrous gifts is the gift of motherhood. So happy with this gift, he bestowed it upon all of his creations even to the deliverer of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary.

The title “mother”—no other word in the English language conjures up such a sense of well-being and warmth. In its speaking, the word “mother” defines absolute love with no qualification and is unyielding. We address all that is beautiful in nature and life-giving as Mother Nature, the force of creation. So it is with our mother whose life’s love we, her children.

From our first breath, she was there holding us, protecting us and through our childhood, she was there to calm our fears. She taught us right from wrong. When we slipped and fell, Mom was there to make us well. As we grew from girl to woman, boy to man, Mom was there with her guiding hand.

Mother was there from kindergarten’s first day, our high school graduation day, and with tears of joy on our wedding day.

The following is a poem tribute to our mothers here and our mothers who are in heaven.


The dew that glistens off a morning rose
The vibrant colors of a rainbow
The golden warmth of a sunny day
The sweet air after a summer’s rain
The beauty of a cloudless night
When the moon glows a pearl white and the stars are diamond like
All this beauty I spoke cannot compare with a Mother’s love.

To all who are blessed to be with their mothers on this special day, hug her tight; tell her, her love and care showed you the way that made you the person you are today. For us whose Mother is in a heavenly way, give her a spiritual hug and say Happy Mother’s Day. As tears are falling from my eyes, I must stop writing now.

God bless all, mother and child,

Walter Sosnosky

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