Protesters Rally Against Gun Control Bills in Delaware

Several hundred people gathered at an anti-gun control rally outside the New Castle Court House Museum on April 11. They called for the protection of their constitutional rights to bear arms and to oppose two gun control bills, SB3 and SB6, that just passed the Delaware Senate.

The rally was organized by The Women’s Defense Coalition and other groups. Tyler Yzaguirre, president of the Second Amendment Institute, came all the way from Washington, DC to attend the event.

SB6, known as the “Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act,” prohibits the possession of magazines with a capacity larger than 17 rounds. The bill also requires gun buyers to attend a training program to get a permit, which is valid for 180 days before they can buy a gun. If the permit expires, citizens are required to apply for a new, fee-paying permit to buy a gun.

Kim Petters, president of the Women’s Defense Coalition and the moderator of the rally, said the right to carry a gun is also a woman’s right, and her organization is taking actions to defend the Second Amendment right to own a gun for self-defense.

‘The Last Free Spot in the World’

Senator David Lawson of Delaware told The Epoch Times he’s concerned that the United States is going down the path of Hitler.

“As soon as the guns are gone, as soon as they have free reign over the citizens of this country, we will head right that way instantly, because power corrupts,” Lawson said. “We are the last free spot in the world that has this kind of protection from tyrannical government, where the citizens can protect themselves from a government gone haywire.”

Speaking of the gun control legislation passed by the Senate on April 1, Lawson said: “This is what’s happening. Our government is going haywire just like the legislators prior to Hitler paved the way for disarmament and ultimately, the death of the 6 million plus Jews. Because nothing Hitler did was illegal by their laws. Immoral, absolutely! Illegal, no. And we are going down that exact same path, in my opinion. The morality of our country is falling apart. So we’re passing laws that are immoral, that are not God-driven and God- and constitutionally-founded. And so, we are moving in that direction, where somewhere along the way, there will be a Hitler.”

Lawson, a Vietnam War veteran who spent 27 years in law enforcement and nearly 11 years as a Senator, said that, in addition to gun control, he also questioned abortion and “dignified death” during the Senate debate. The rights of the unborn should be respected, and “dignified death” is actually assisted suicide, he said.

“I will continue to campaign against these two bills…and that mechanical devices don’t kill people. People kill people,” Lawson said. “They think that an inanimate object is responsible for the violence in this country. It’s not. It’s the broken homes, it’s the frustration… A criminal is a criminal, and just because he uses a gun to commit a crime doesn’t mean the gun is bad. It means the criminal is the one to be held responsible.”

Lawson said that the government isn’t the boss in the United States, the people are.

“Freedoms are critical to all of us. Where does one go when the freedoms in the United States fall? And they are fast! We’re not on a slippery slope. We’re in a freefall right now, with the moral corruption within our government, within our legislatures. It is sad, very, very sad, and I’m worried for my children, my grandchildren, and the future of this country. If we don’t do something better than what we’re doing and allowing this moral corruption to continue, we will lose our country.”

Restricting the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens

Jeff Hague is a champion rifle shooter and president of the 3,000-member Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association. He told The Epoch Times that these gun bills will do nothing except impinge on our rights.

Epoch Times Photo
People gather during an anti-gun control rally in front of the New Castle Court House Museum to call for the protection of their constitutional rights and to oppose two gun control bills, SB3 and SB6, that passed the Delaware Senate. New Castle, Delaware, April 11, 2021. (Jie Xiao/The Epoch Times)

“The thousands and thousands of competitors of all the various shooting sports across the country, they’re law abiding citizens,” Hague said. “Yet the current government…are trying to restrict our rights for no reason. And it’s just they’re demonizing the very rifles that we are using to compete. They’re not machine guns, are not assault rifles… [For] law abiding gun owners, the firearms are for sport, they’re for collections. They’re something to enjoy with the family.”

Hague said he disagrees with President Biden’s statement that articles of the constitution can be changed. The right to own arms is a constitutional right, a God-given right.

Hague added that, growing up in President Biden’s home state of Delaware, he met Biden many times and still remembered Biden’s humble beginning as a senator. He said he finds it regretful to watch Biden turning away from traditional values and see how far left he’s being pushed by some people.

“I find that it’s increasingly difficult to have discussions with people with opposing points of view, especially about firearms,” Hague said.

New Gun Bills ‘Grossly Unconstitutional’

Julianne Murray, an attorney who was a gubernatorial candidate in Delaware last year, was also a speaker at the rally. She has helped five Delaware residents file lawsuits against the Delaware House and Senate.

Epoch Times Photo
Attorney Julianne Murray at the anti-gun control rally in front of the New Castle Court House Museum. New Castle, Delaware, April 11, 2021. (Jie Xiao/The Epoch Times)

The lawsuits assert that according to the U.S. Code Title 28, Section 2201, and Rule 57 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, State Senate Bills 3 and 6 are invalid because they are grossly unconstitutional.

“These [bills] substantially infringe on the right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution and under the Delaware constitution,” Murray said of the new gun bills.

Murray said she has worked on cases for gun defendants and learned that, “if a bad guy wants a gun, he’s going to get the gun,” and the way to reduce gun violence is to prosecute gun crimes.

She said that the latest statistic in the state shows that 70 percent of gun crimes are not being fully prosecuted.

“That is a decision of our attorney general,” Murray said. “If we were fully prosecuting gun crimes…a lot of the gun violence would actually be reduced.”

She explained that Delaware law prohibits people who have been convicted of a felony from carrying a gun, and people will be jailed for five years for the first offense.

Murray also said it’s important for people to make their voices heard and to file lawsuits against the government taking away people’s rights. For example, last May Murray sued Delaware Governor John Carney over his ban of short-term rentals due to the pandemic, which affected her family and many residents who rented out their beach homes during the summer months. About two weeks after the indictment was filed, the governor lifted the ban. According to Murray, the present lawsuit is very similar to the one last May.

“If we just sit by and just kind of keep taking it, they’re not going to make a change,” she said.

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