AG William Barr steps down

Attorney General William Barr meets with members of the St. Louis Police Department in St. Louis. Barr has announced he is resigning. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, Pool)

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UPDATED 9:15 AM PT – Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Attorney General William Barr is stepping down from his position after nearly two years of working for the Trump administration.

While taking to Twitter Monday, the President said Barr has done an outstanding job and noted the pair had a “very good relationship.”

In his resignation letter, the outgoing head of the Department of Justice praised the President’s efforts in restoring America’s military strength, brokering peace deals in the Middle East and securing the nation’s borders.

According to the letter, Barr updated the President on the department’s efforts to review voter fraud cases surrounding the 2020 elections. This followed rising tensions between President Trump and his staunch ally earlier this month after Barr told reporters the Justice Department was not able to find large scale evidence of voter fraud.

The President responded to the attorney general’s statement by saying he clearly wasn’t looking hard enough. He went on to cite numerous instances of voting irregularities.

“Well, he hasn’t done anything, so he hasn’t looked,” stated President Trump. “So they haven’t looked very hard, which is a disappointment to be honest with you because it’s massive fraud.

Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen will take up the position as acting attorney general. Barr is expected to wrap-up remaining issues next week and will depart from the administration on December 23 to spend the holidays with family.

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