Mauritius claims compensation from insurance company after oil leak

The MV Wakashio, a bulk carrier ship that recently ran aground off the southeast coast of Mauritius, can be seen from the coast of Mauritius, Sunday Aug. 16, 2020. (AP Photo/ Sumeet Mudhoo-L’express Maurice)

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UPDATED 11:35 AM PT – Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mauritius will claim financial compensation from the insurance company of a Japanese vessel for the extensive environmental damages caused by a recent oil spill. The country announced the decision Friday following the arrest of the ship’s captain and first mate, who were charged with endangering safe navigation.

The vessel crashed into a coral reef off the coast of the nation last month, spilling tons of oil into the water.

According to reports, the Mauritian Coast Guard had advised the ship against taking the route prior to the spill, but to no avail.

“There are environmental damages. This, for sure, the state is going to claim compensation. There has been an impact. Take the reef, for example, the physical damage to the reef, the psychological damage. The lagoon, the livelihood of people living in the area whose livelihood depends on the sea, like fishes, etc. So there is a compensation part of it. All this will be processed and claimed from the government.” – Khemraj Servansing, Mauritius Police Commissioner

This satellite photo provided Monday Aug. 17, 2020 by 2020 Planet Labs, Inc. shows the MV Wakashio, a bulk carrier ship that recently ran aground off the southeast coast of Mauritius, Saturday Aug.15 2020. ( 2020 Planet Labs, Inc via AP)

The country will claim compensation for losses in the tourism and fishing sectors, as well as for the ecological damages and environmental pollution.

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