Connecticut Kindergarten Teachers Make Their Students Walk Out for Gun Control

My niece is in kindergarten. We all try to protect her from how much the world sucks. We keep it all Barbie, pillow forts and Disney’s The Descendants. But that’s just us. That’s how we do. We’re also not bitter progressive doucheburgers served with soy cheese.

For teachers in Connecticut who are doucheburgers, they think five-years-old is the perfect age for leftist exploitation. Thankfully, the teachers had some class (no pun intended) and didn’t mention school shootings during playtime. The kids thought they were going outside to wave at cars.

The teachers were the ones with the anti-gun rights signs.

Note: What is this, a video for ants? We’re also not sure what’s going on with the height. Try as we might, the video just won’t get taller. Perhaps it identifies as the kindergartners it depicts. Click the full-screen button to view the stupid in full glory.


New London Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Tracy said he didn’t have a problem with the safety message, but he and the principal didn’t know about the march ahead of time and there was no written permission from parents.

One student’s grandmother, Helene Thomas, said she found out about the march through word-of-mouth.

The video drummed up some negative opinions from parents at the school.

Harbor Elementary’s crossing guard Joyce Powers said she saw the children escorted in two lines by teachers who were carrying signs that read “enough.”

“I thought it was pushing it with that age group,” Powers said. “I don’t think they understood what was actually happening.”

Tracy said he’s talked to the two teachers involved but would not say if any disciplinary measures were taken.

I think we all know that there were no disciplinary measures taken. You’ll get sent home for encouraging debate. They’ll call the cops if you support gun rights. They’ll even suspend you for going to the gun range to learn to be a responsible gun owner. Those are all the “wrong” opinions. Anyone who takes up such opinions is “on the wrong side of history” or something. For which they’ll be ostracized. If not taken to the stocks as tomato-throwing target practice in the village square.

For these teachers who exploited kindergartners, I presume they weren’t sent back to their rooms. To think about what they did. I presume they weren’t scolded for using children as pawns in their political games.

Yet people wonder why so many parents are homeschooling. Head-scratcher, that.



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