Weaponizing Social Media – The fight for control has a new front, and it’s HOT!

Facebook Police

It is hardly a secret to anyone that the Media, whether through malice or greed, have sensationalized some stories to the point of even fabricating evidence to support these wild stories. Somewhere in the recesses  of every Americans mind, the question of the Truthfulness of what we are seeing, has become main stream discussion.

While some are quick to blame President Trump for his coining of the FAKE NEWS story. Trump merely pushed it over the edge.  Where once it was shunned to be a Critical Thinker, now it was becoming normal practice to more closely scrutinize what we are being told.

No, I don’t think Trump is to blame on this one. Sometimes when America speaks with one voice, it can be heard over the static. For Example. “Benghazi happened because of an awful internet video.” …. you had to be deaf to not hear America’s response to that one … and it was clearly “Bull shit.”  Loud and crystal clear.

We, as a people had become so complacent, and such sheep, that we had completely stopped questioning what we were told. The problem was social media. It allowed the people to speak and analyze the facts for themselves, and in comparing notes … they did not add up.

With the 2016 election season, the Media turned up their campaign of disinformation, and America turned up her social media war.  Much as this is a fact that many of us have seen, that there is an extreme Political Bias in the main stream media. FOX news actually continues to dominate in ratings.

We watched it same political fake out happen with the Polls, for the 2016 Presidential election, and it was once again spoiled by the ACTUAL voice of America.

Well America, the Globalists weren’t stupid. They did everything in their power to control that election, but Trump still won, because Truth rings louder than Lies. They VASTLY underestimated America.

Over the last year, they have kicked it up to a whole new level.  In an article published by CNBC TECH, and written by CEO of DuckDuckGo, (a search engine that protects privacy),  Gabriel Weinberg says that Google and Facebook, us Artificial Intelligence to target users with idea’s and ad campaigns that are designed to generate the most clicks based on your personal profile.

Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It’s time to make them stop

With the 2018 elections looming, Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have joined forces to use those targeting abilities to silence groups of people that do not agree with, or see eye to eye with the socialist agenda that regular media has been drumming into our heads.

The top social media companies have now altered their strategy to ban, and restrict content of one political party, while conspiring to promote another parties content.

This is an COVERT act of war against the American People. A couple of weeks back, Under the Guise of Russian Bots, Twitter deleted thousands of accounts.  USA TODAY – Conservatives Rage Over Twitter Purge

Facebook has similarly moved to block conservative accounts, and delete conservative pages. But more importantly, they have stepped up their use of Shadow Banning to make sure no one can hear the conservative voice.


Most recently YouTube and facebook began deleting and banning users that promoted any discussion of the questionable timing on school shootings, and as the conversation raged on in public. 2nd Amendment groups were systematically silenced.  This is extremely dangerous and troubling. At a time where trust in media as at an all time low, and we are finding collusion at the highest levels of government to deceive the American Population, silencing American discussion on a debate that was written right into the definition of the government, is disturbing and alarming. American nerves are already rubbed raw by Media and Hollywood having the audacity to TELL us what to think, so much so, that without even realizing what they were doing , took to Social Media to elect a president … and now we see the blatant evidence that they intend to make sure that never happens again.

YouTube says its new moderators ‘mistakenly’ shut down pro-gun conservative channels while trying to block far-right conspiracy videos

This attack on American Free Speech, the 1st And 2nd Amendments now, is the very warning sign we should be looking for.

New York Militia Group Speaks Out on Charlottesville Response, Hate and Bloodshed

And Google recently itself, flexed it’s content control muscle testing a ban on all searches that had Gun in the title, as reported by NewsWeek.


America, you are being deceived on a scale that has never been imagined before, and now more than ever, America needs her Critical Thinkers. But that cannot happen on Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube .. where someone is controlling your free conversation.

When all of the forces converge to attack free speech and the very core of what is America, the American Constitution, it might be advisable for America to take notice, and realize that those standing up for America, are not the enemy.

It is those that seek to destroy American History, and Heritage and American Spirit, Pride, and Greatness, whom are anti-american, and subversive.

There is something wrong with an America that spends 18 months investigating Russian Collusion, but then ignores it on their streets and in their schools.

Antifa – The Undoing of the Left

Mark Wolf


Minuteman Militia has developed a Free Think Social Media zone  on the web site, where Patriots and Conservatives can freely discuss their beliefs, be it God, Guns, or the Constitution, without the subversive intrusion of a Liberal Socialist Media Outlet.

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Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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