Antifa – The Undoing of the Left


Antifa – The Undoing of the Left


It has been said that the state of America is analogous to the frog in boiling water story. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.

Whether the frog story is factual or not, it is an analogy that is disturbingly accurate. While its current usage is tailored for Marxist infiltration, it is not an idea that started with the communist left. Or the fascists of Nazi Germany, for that matter. No, even though the current brand in America is of communist crafting, it’s a natural form of societal control that may have it’s origins steeped in ten thousand years of human history.

Left side

To shed some light on the course of history, one must put to bed a common misconception. Many people frequently misunderstand the nature of fascism as revisionists try to claim that it is a right wing ideology. It is not. The only remotely accurate description is that Fascism is to the right of Communism, but both ideologies find their place deep on the left side of the spectrum.

Throughout history society has followed the same cycle, over and over again. Whether it was Plato’s republic, Nazism or communism. Wherever we start on the spectrum, the general nature of man results in the accepted norm travelling in a direction of Right to Left. At the very right side of the spectrum is complete liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government. Sitting at the absolute far right hand side, is Anarchy. Complete personal freedom, and no government.

Whereas moving towards the left is less freedom and more government control. We see this in the ever increasing domination of social programs. Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, free healthcare, free college, housing assistance etc. All of these programs are administered by government, and while seeming well intentioned on the surface,  designed to assist the poor or less fortunate, they do so by trampling on the liberties of others.  These programs are not funded or fed by the benevolence of government. They are fed by the passage of taxation which is simply a method of taking money from producers by force under the threat of violence from the barrel of a gun.


Born in Edinburgh in 1747, Alexander Tytler was a prolific speaker on the historical progression of democracies. He outlined a circular progression of what is commonly known as the Tytler cycle, which describes society’s journey from Liberty to Bondage. In the diagram below, Tytler describes the various stages along that path as:
– Liberty
– Abundance
– Selfishness
– Complacency
– Apathy
– Dependence
– Bondage

Tytler Cycle

At the Bondage stage, no one is happy with their state. Tytler then describes the human condition under this state of tyranny as leading to faith in a better future, followed by the realization that fighting for freedom could not be worse than living in a state of oppression, which leads to rebellion and finally back to Liberty.

This is your right to left progression with complete freedom, or Anarchy/Voluntaryism on the right, moving steadily left towards Bondage. Our founding fathers, finding themselves deep in a state of oppression, staged the American Revolution, which threw off the shackles, declaring themselves free of the bindings of government. During this stage, there existed a state of almost complete Liberty. In order to prevent a complete breakdown into anarchy, they determined to establish a very limited government to create a basic social order.

There was much debate over this, and during the process of creating the Constitution, they fell into two basic camps. The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Anti- Federalists did not want the establishment of a Federal government to rule them. Having just fought a long and bloody revolution, the last thing they wanted to do was to re-establish rulers over themselves. One might say the only thing to the Right of the Anti-Federalists was complete anarchy. None-the-less, the Federalists prevailed and the constitution was established. A magnified view of this far right side of the spectrum would have made the Constitutional Supporters as the “far left”. But, here is not the place to jump to the wrong conclusion. These days the Constitution is right of most Conservatives, and “far right” to Republicans.

One cannot make that assessment when looking only at a tiny piece of the scale. If you were to magnify the left side of the scale, you would see that Fascists are righties … if you compare it to Communists. And by most peoples standards, the Constitution is far right these days.

Left vs. Right

Here is where Antifa has its first foot in fallacy. Many members of the Antifa movement consider themselves Anarchists. If Antifa were truly Anarchists, they would get along smashingly with conservatives. They are not Anarchists, they are Marxists. And on the grand scale, they are far closer to fascists than conservatives or the far right.


The Founders had a much better handle on this concept than we do today. They understood the laws of nature and of natural law. What is the engine that drives this continuous right to left migration ? Why, it’s human nature. People are inherently lazy. Why govern yourselves .. when you can elect someone else to do it for you? This is where We The People fell down on the job. When we elect someone else to do it for us, we run into another law of nature. Power Corrupts. We can’t give it away and fail to police it. The more we push for government to take care of us, the more power it gets, and the more corrupt it becomes. In short, one might envision it as a slide. Down is the easy way.


While the deep roots of this are in communist infiltration into the education system, the current symptoms have become plainly manifest since the 2008 election. With the election of Americas first black President, we allowed ourselves to be painted into a corner. It did not take long at all for leftists to use Political Correctness to stifle all opposition. All it took for you to be declared racist, was to disagree with an opinion of Barack Obama. To prove they were NOT racist, The People were willing to look the other way, turn the other cheek, and demonstrate their tolerance.


As it turns out, the race card was a powerful tool to stifle opposition. They used it everywhere. They even used it on Police, making them second guess themselves when dealing with American Blacks. We saw riots in Ferguson because Political Correctness made Mike Brown a hero that could do no wrong.

Travon Martin was portrayed as a victim of racial hatred. And in a climate of tension, riots rocked Baltimore too, after Freddy Gray. But no one dared say anything for fear of being called racist. Then came Black Lives Matter, and again Americans didn’t know what to do with themselves and Police died in Dallas and across America. The race card was wearing thin, but it still protected Black Lives Matter, under the great cone of silence resulting from fear of being called racist.

Then along came the 2016 elections. As usual, the first battle cry of the left was that Trump was a racist, but alas, the card had worn too thin to deal with a formidable candidate. Then they tried the Sexist card, but that one too, did not hold as much power as it used to. After all, call a person racist for long enough, and they will become desensitized to the attack. With Racism and Sexism failing to have the same impact as it once had, they changed to using the Fascist Nazi card.

Here is where Antifa puts its other foot into the sauce, having no clue that they themselves bore far more resemblance to Nazi’s than did the Trump supporters they were attacking. But with communists controlling the education system for more than 2 decades, America had its first full generation of Marxists. It was the next evolution from black lives matter. Sticking to the same game plan, they attacked the right as racists and Nazi’s. … but the attackers were no longer black. That Political Correctness umbrella that stopped a country from pointing out the obvious no longer applied. It was like an eclipse that passed, and as the light returned, it caught the left and AntiFa with its pants down in the middle of a field. Patriots who were tired of the Race card, and PC, could suddenly fight back, because the race card no longer applied. Suddenly the true nature of the hatred and intolerance  of the left shone like a beacon.

It gave us some ironic footage of a black man in a Make America Great Again hat, beating AntiFa protestors with a stick. How do you explain that strange turn of events?

Now in 2017, patriots have been organizing and training for years under Obama. They have been waiting for an opportunity and a target to fight back against. With the race card lying impotent on the floor, the flood gates are about to open.

Patriots don’t even have to go looking for targets. Antifa is being kind enough to come to them. Standing there in the emperors clothes, they are about to find out they are surrounded. The left should have stuck with Black Lives Matter, but they didn’t.

Now, with no race card to shield AntiFa , those that were once silent, have upgraded to pitchforks and torches. AntiFa are outgunned, outnumbered and under trained. Though still early in the game,  Antifa is expected to encounter  overwhelming counter-violence,  as Patriots come to the realization that it is at last their time to deliver a brutal message to the leftists that have been terrorizing a nation.
It will not be their last mistake, but it is a big enough one to deliver a tremendous blow the Democratic Party.


It’s no wonder or accident. Communism is far from dead, and despite the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the deeper plans of the party including KGB infiltration lived on, albeit in a more covert fashion.

Even in the early stages of Nazi Germany, Hitler knew that shaping the minds of youth to support the State was a winning strategy. While serving out a prison sentence in Landsberg, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, in which he states “whoever has the youth, has the future.”
He also wrote that the first duty of the state was to care for the physical well-being and physical development of the young: “The whole education in a national state must aim first of all not at stuffing the student with mere knowledge but by building bodies which are healthy to the core.” (1)

In this we see a disturbing parallel to an American education system that has been hijacked at the Federal Level. Whether by design, or circumstance, there is no question that America has been on an educational decline for quite some time. (2) While some sources state that the United States may rank as high as 17th, a 2016 analysis of PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) which compares international scores in Science, Math and Reading, paints a bleaker picture.

In 1984, Soviet KGB defector, Yuri Besmenov, gave an hour and a half interview in which he describes the compromise of the American education system in what is referred to as Ideological Subversion, or Phsychological Warfare. In it he describes the KGB’s activities to corrupt a full generation of youth through slow indoctrination over a period of 15-20 years, using the education system. Much as Hitler did, communists in education positions within our education system have been pushing Marxist ideology for well over 20 years now. We are seeing the fruits of that indoctrination now, coming to fruition in AntiFa, who promote a Marxist “Workers Paradise”, and almost elected a Socialist as President of the United States. According to Besmenov, the indoctrinated generations are simply a tool used to bring about a result, and will be disposed of when they’re job is over, as they will become bitter and resentful when they realize that their beautiful ideological fantasies of paradise are not real. Those that are outside of the Marxist brainwashing of the younger generation see them as “snowflakes”, that need safe spaces to protect themselves from thoughts and ideas that clash with their “Rainbow and Unicorn” ideals. Besmenov asserts that you will be unable to reach them with facts, even if they see it with their own eyes, and “not until the military boot crushes their balls will they understand”. Below is an excerpt, but the full video can be seen here. Full Interview

Despite a generation of Marxists, this strategy is going to fail, but it will patriots with faith, and a dedication to the constitution, to step up and act. We need only to believe in ourselves, our Country and have faith that God is watching over America.



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