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OAN’s Abril Elfi
4:44 PM – Saturday, April 27, 2024

A Wisconsin man has been found guilty of sexually abusing and killing a 20-month-old girl and abusing the baby’s mother. 


Marshawn Giles was found guilty on Friday by a jury of 15 charges, which included first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree child sexual assault with serious injury, and second-degree sexual assault. Three of the 18 criminal charges against Giles were dropped.

According to the authorities, the toddler suffered multiple fractures to her skull and died in Madison in 2022 as a result of blunt force injuries to her head. 

Additionally, blunt force injuries consistent with sexual assault were noted elsewhere during the autopsy.

Giles’ trial is anticipated to enter its second phase the following week. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, defense lawyers will try to demonstrate that the father had a mental illness or defect and was not criminally liable for his actions at the time of the child’s death. 

Giles would not be free if he was declared insane. He would reportedly be placed under custody in a state mental health facility after being committed to the state Department of Health Services. Every six months, he could request to be released to community supervision.

Nonetheless, Giles would automatically be sentenced to life in prison for both the convictions of child sexual assault and homicide if the jury determined that he does not have a mental illness. In addition, the second-degree sexual assault conviction carries up to 46 years of combined prison and extended supervision.

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Abril Elfi
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