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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
12:59 PM – Monday, May 29, 2023

Customers across the United States are now coming for Kohl’s, thanks to their decision to become the most recent corporate retailer to sell LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride clothes for toddlers and young children.


Kohl’s Pride Month products were shared on social media by a number of popular accounts. One of these products included a “Baby Sonoma Community Pride Bodysuit set” made for infants aged 3, 6, and 9 months. The garment displays a little boy in a wheelchair and what looks to be a lesbian couple with a dog and three kids. The Gay Pride rainbow flag is being carried by one of the adults in the graphic.

A “Love Is Love” banner, towels, baby bibs, candles, shorts, and pillows are among the other items.

There are also several more pieces of apparel available, such as shirts with the slogans “Be Proud” and “Ask Me My Pronouns.”

“End Wokeness,” a notable Conservative Twitter account, first brought attention to the Gay Pride display and related products by posting a number of images along with a comment saying, “Looks like Kohl’s didn’t learn a thing from Bud Lite and Target.”

In a video posted on Sunday, Turning Point USA contributor and influencer Morgonn McMichael criticized the LGBTQ items, calling Kohl’s merchandising of Pride children’s clothes as “disgusting” and “blatant virtue signaling” to support “transgender ideology” among young Americans.

“Pride for babies at @Kohls. Why does Kohls support gay and trans people demanding validation from babies? Why do they want to associate babies with sexuality?” said competitive skateboarder Taylor Silverman.

Some people also demanded that the business be boycotted.

The Kohl’s company has had its shares fall precipitously over the past year, falling by more than 50%. The company disclosed that it had canceled a potential acquisition agreement with Franchise Group Inc. in July 2022, and had issued an internal warning about a decline in sales that would be worsened by a decline in consumer spending. The shares ended up dropping around 21%.

Kohl’s representatives did not immediately return any requests for comment.

Following the promotion of items showcasing LGBTQ talking points and the utilization of Queer influencers to younger generations, several large American corporations recently experienced significant market share losses.

Just two weeks ago, Target also found itself in the spotlight as a result of consumer outrage over the Pride kid’s clothing line that was being sold in their stores all across the country.

One-piece swimsuits with “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage” are among its retail offerings, along with mugs that bear the phrase “gender-fluid.”

It appears as though businesses are pressuring young children to choose homosexual lifestyles and even make life-altering decisions, like undergoing sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy before puberty, while a lot of children are already confused and trying to find their way in this tough world. Many parents who believe that no form of sexuality should be pushed upon their children, feel that retailers’ pressure and encouragement to introduce youngsters to homosexuality is an overreach and must be stopped.

Several Target locations, mostly in the rural South, have moved their Pride sections to the back of the store to avoid more negative press that companies like Bud Light have recently endured after employing transgender influencers in promotional marketing campaigns, according to an anonymous Target insider who spoke to the press.

Since the uproar began, Target’s market shares have decreased by an additional 12.6%, according to data from Dow Jones Market Data Group. That comes to around $10 billion in market value.

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