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UPDATED 5:56 PM PT – Monday, March 6, 2023

A large landslide near the Indonesian city of Jakarta has left 11 people dead and at least 50 people missing.

On Monday, National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesperson Abdul Muhari told reporters that torrential rain came down on a remote Indonesian island in the South China Sea, creating a large-scale mud slide. Authorities from the Natuna Regency said that 50 bodies were found dead and that they believe 50 more people may be missing in the mud. They said that they fear in the coming days, the death toll will rise significantly.  

 “Many people who need help have not been reached because we still have difficulty accessing the affected areas,” said Muhari.

One member of the rescue party named “Junainah” told reporters that national police, soldiers and volunteers risked their lives traveling to the remote island. He also said that big waves, stormy conditions and downed communications lines on the island had slowed down rescue efforts.

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