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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. attends the season 12 premiere of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” at Directors Guild Of America on January 30, 2024 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
3:19 PM – Friday, February 2, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent 2024 presidential candidate, came out with a statement on Thursday explaining that a resurfaced comment on a woman’s TikTok account was posted by his presidential campaign’s social media manager.


“The TikTok comment in question was made in 2022, long before I ever had a TikTok account,” Kennedy wrote in a post on X (Twitter) “This comment now appears on my account because the account was previously owned by one of the campaign’s young social media managers,” he claimed.

When Kennedy announced his 2024 bid for the presidency in April, he stated that his team intended to use every social media platform to promote the campaign. However, he was unable to livestream on TikTok until he had acquired 1,000 followers. Kennedy claims that he was given access to a TikTok account, which at the time had about 1,500 followers, by his social media manager, so that he could use it to livestream announcements.

On Wednesday night, a user on X (Twitter) uploaded what looked like a screen shot of Kennedy’s official account, which commented “Wow” along with two heart-eye emojis 😍😍 on a 2022 video of a woman provocatively displaying her barely-covered rear end.

Kennedy has been married to actress Cheryl Hines since 2014, and he has six children from two previous marriages.

Kennedy was initially running as a Democrat for the presidency, but in October, he changed his mind and decided to run as an independent. However, Kennedy has struggled in his attempts to have a significant impact in the 2024 race, despite a December survey indicating that 1-in-5 registered voters were willing to back the third-party candidate.

Recent polling suggests that his involvement in the 2024 race may improve Trump’s prospects of winning re-election. In a one-on-one battle, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll published last month, Trump led Biden by 7 points, 48% to 41%.

U.S. voters on the left and voters on the right have also voiced similar worries regarding whether Kennedy’s run as an Independent is hurting their party’s chosen nominee by taking away votes from Trump or Biden. Many political commentators typically talk down on Kennedy for his freedom of choice-related ideals regarding COVID-19 vaccines and his openness in discussing how neo-liberalism and the Democrat party of today are not the “anti-war, anti-big pharma” party he once respected.

He often highlights Democrats’ willingness to continue funding Ukraine in the Ukraine-Russia war, even though Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declared in early July 2023 that Ukraine will never stop fighting until the nation claims Crimea.

Kennedy has also previously suggested that antidepressants could be a cause of school shootings while speaking with Elon Musk in a live-streamed Twitter Spaces conversation, prompting uproar in a number of news articles who accused him of spouting “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

On the Tim Dillon Podcast, Kennedy, alongside his wife Cheryl, also highlighted tactics by Democrat officials and Anthony Fauci in recent years regarding their prior attempts to force the whole country to take mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, which were experimental and later discovered to not stop transmission of the virus like officials initially claimed. Fauci, left-wing mainstream media outlets, and the White House later glossed over their previous guarantee of protection or even retracted their assertions all together regarding the COVID-19 vaccines stopping transmission. They later altered their stance to maintain that the vaccine and boosters would simply inhibit hospital visits and any chances of dying from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, on the right, many of Kennedy’s critics theorize that he has only joined the 2024 presidential race in order to cash in and steal votes from former President Donald Trump. The fears revolve around the idea that more center-leaning conservatives will choose to cast their vote for Kennedy rather than Trump, helping Biden have a better chance of re-election.

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