WAPO writer appears to ‘inadvertently’ write a heart-warming pro-life story

 Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo)

UPDATED 9:54 AM PT – Thursday, June 23 2022

It appears a Washington Post writer unintentionally sent out a pro-life message in her latest feature story. The article, published Monday, featured the story of a young Texas woman named Brooke who, under the state’s Heartbeat Act, could not get an abortion as her pregnancy had already exceeded six weeks.

Although the writer intended to showcase the act’s supposed cruelty for forcing pregnant women to become mothers, the story took a positive turn when Brooke decided to keep her 12-weeks old babies she discovered to be twins. However, many on Twitter caught the writer’s condescending portrayal of Brooke’s new maternal life, slamming the author for portraying Brooke’s twins as if they were a major inconvenience and barricade to her success.

At one point, Caroline Kitchener claimed Brooke would have still been in school with her “eyes on a real estate license” and how she would have enjoyed her long-desired trip to Hawaii had the twins not been born. A pro-life activist reacted by accusing Kitchener of depicting Brooke’s life to be bleak and dark, while a leftist author praised the article for illustrating how women are supposedly “manipulated” by the pro-life movement.

Kitchener reinforced the incongruence between her sentiments and Brooke’s by tweeting how much Brooke aches for the life she may never have despite her deep love for her children. Despite this, Brooke said she immediately believed her twins were a miracle from God the moment she saw them in the ultrasound, hence her decision to keep her children.

This scenario is what Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and what other conservatives are calling an amazing and compelling pro-life story.

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