Gov. Ron Desantis: We have to reject open borders

MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 29: Governor Ron DeSantis gives a briefing regarding Hurricane Dorian to the media at National Hurricane Center on August 29, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Hurricane Dorian is expected to become a Category 4 as it approaches Florida in the upcoming days. (Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images)

MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 29: Governor Ron DeSantis gives a briefing regarding Hurricane Dorian to the media at National Hurricane Center. (Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 9:58 AM PT – Sunday, May 23, 2021

Gov. Ron Desantis (R-Fla.) recently delivered remarks at the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner in Pennsylvania, highlighting some of the major issues facing the U.S. today. Desantis said the GOP mustn’t go back to the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear.

He took aim at George W. Bush’s attempts to lobby Republicans into helping the Biden administration pass amnesty for 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. The Florida Republican’s comments come amid recent polling that show Bush’s veiled attempt to revive his any willing worker policy, which proved widely unpopular among Republican voters.

Recently, Desantis further criticized the city of Gainesville, Florida after it began requiring proof of vaccination from their residents before allowing them to take off their masks. Florida Gov. Desantis said this type of enforcement violates the spirit of his emergency order, 21-81, which aims to prohibit vaccine passports. Desantis claimed pushing back against vaccine passports will ultimately protect the fundamental rights and privacies of Florida residents.

This comes after Desantis signed a bill at the beginning of May which sought to rid all city and county emergency orders regarding the pandemic. This made it so businesses would still be able to enforce rules such as mask requirements, but county and city governments could no longer do the same.

Additionally, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed an executive order last month restricting vaccination passports in the state of Texas. Abbott stood by his decision stating, “the government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and provide proof of private health information just to go about their daily lives.” He said Texas is still dedicated to getting people vaccinated and protecting public health, but will do so without treading on Texan’s personal freedoms.

The governors of Arizona, Idaho and Montana have also signed similar executive orders.

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