Can We Keep Our Republic?

Most of us have heard of this anecdote. After the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady reportedly asked Ben Franklin whether we had gotten a republic or a monarchy, to which Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it.” At this time in our history, I think we are in grave danger of losing our great Republic.

This is clarified in the excellent article in The Epoch Times, “A Woke Minority Has Seized America” by Michael Walsh [published April 14]. Congratulations to Mr. Walsh on his courage to write the article, and to you, Mr. Editor, for having the courage to publish it. I applaud both of you, for I believe that courage is the fundamental virtue required today.

Mr. Walsh’s article perfectly analyzes the plight of our country. I am a 74-year-old immigrant from India, and I never imagined that I would see the day when the U.S. would be ashamed of its founding, which was arguably the greatest political event in history. I am sickened by President Biden trashing the country he was elected to lead by saying that systemic racism is a stain on the nation’s soul. Biden has degenerated into a spokesman for the radical left and should be held accountable for this vicious insult to our country.

Critical race theory, which promotes the lie of systemic racism, has its root in Marxist thinking (like BLM) and the consequent promotion of class imbalances to destabilize societies. And let us not forget that destabilizing society starts with an assault on the traditional, nuclear family.

The current situation in the U.S. does indeed resemble the Italian fascist and the German Nazi models, as Mr. Walsh explains so well. We are on the brink of totalitarianism, where citizens’ rights are completely revoked.

There are 70 million-plus citizens who voted for President Trump in the 2020 elections. What about their voices? Who will be able to channel the righteous indignation against all this woke barbarism? Who will tell the true story of America?

Because, as Michael Walsh warns us, progressives want victory by any means necessary. This is a very scary situation and fraught with deadly danger.

May Almighty God grant us the grace to keep our great Republic.

Barry S. Mascarenhas


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