‘If I Had the Power I Would Close Down Pearson Airport Immediately’

Premier Doug Ford gave an update on April 30 while in self-isolation at his late mother’s home in Etobicoke.

“We learned yesterday that 90 percent of average daily cases this week are variants of concern. The same variants that fuelled our devastating third wave, and they got it because of weak border measures. I can’t stress this enough: we will never get ahead of this virus if we can’t keep these deadly new variants out of our country,” Ford said.

“The borders—land and air, they’re federal jurisdiction, and I assure you if I had the power I would close down Pearson Airport immediately. I would shut down the land border crossings to only those who are absolutely essential, because I would do everything in my power to stop a vaccine-resistant variant from getting into our country, and bringing a fourth wave with it.”

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