Biden Tested by Foreign Leaders, Says Former National Intelligence Director

President Joe Biden is calling the surge in illegal immigrants at the border a “crisis” for the first time. This comes as a former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) says rivals are testing Biden to see how strong the United States is. He pointed to the southern border, saying: “Look at our own southern border, the border security issues, the immigration crisis, what now looks like [is] going to be a crisis in the Middle East or Ukraine or in the straits outside of China.”

National security adviser Jake Sullivan says he “can’t make any guarantees” that terrorist groups like ISIS won’t rise up again once U.S. forces withdraw. This comes after Biden announced last week that all U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan by 9/11, ending the twenty-year presence there. Sullivan went on to say, “All the United States could do is provide the Afghan security forces, the Afghan government, and the Afghan people resources and capabilities, training and equipping their forces, providing assistance to their government.”

And former President Donald Trump weighed in as well, saying there are two reasons why he thinks Biden’s decision to use Sept. 11 is a poor choice. He said, firstly, the United States should withdraw earlier, and secondly, “September 11th represents a very sad event and period for our Country and should remain a day of reflection and remembrance honoring those great souls we lost.”

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