National security adviser O’Brien accuses China of covering up initial outbreak of coronavirus

National security adviser Robert O’Brien, is defending the Trump administration’s decision to order a drone strike against Iran’s top military commander.

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UPDATED 9:57 AM PT — Monday, May 25, 2020

National Security adviser Robert O’ Brien recently compared China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic to Chernobyl. He accused the nation of covering up the initial outbreak.

In an interview Sunday, O’Brien said China knew what was happening since back in November and gave false information to the World Health Organization.

The adviser also noted the nation is still stonewalling an investigation into the origins of the virus. O’Brien asserted that the U.S. will eventually find out what happened.

“So we don’t who in the Chinese government did it, but it doesn’t matter if it was a local Chinese government or the Communist Party of China,” he stated. “This is a real problem and it cost many, many thousands of lives.”

O’Brien also said he thinks the U.S. will develop a vaccine before China does.

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