Are YOU the Three Percent ? What Does It Mean?

Three Percent
Things have changed … the rules have changed and it’s a new game.  What has changed ? What is different ?
The difference is … a lot more people are actually paying attention right now. The truth is out, and it is being generated not by main stream media, but by millions of Americans suddenly doing their homework.
People are reading the documents, watching the hearings, and listening to the press conferences for themselves. So that strategy of telling the American Public, an official said the sky was orange, when they really said it was blue … is forcing us to realize it is not only NOT the truth, but it is carefully crafted MALICIOUS lies.
Logic and the truth are like water … it will all run down hill, and eventually pool in the same place. Americans are arriving at that pool at a record pace, and the momentum has brought us to a critical mass, where the lies are evaporating under the light of scrutiny.
A societal paradigm is occurring. While the left was busy trying to bankrupt America through the careful plan of socialist Columbia University Professors, Cloward and Piven…. a funny thing is happening. SO many people are involved in unraveling the lies now, that the truth is inundating the fake news machine’s ability to combat it.
They’ve been doing everything they can to try and slow it down. Social Media companies like FaceBook and Twitter, have had to dial back conservative chatter so much, that now EVERYONE can plainly see it. What they were doing was subtle before … but it was still failing, so they started shadow banning, 30 day bans, account deletions… they had a campaign of calling conservatives Russian Bots, and then deleting all of THEIR accounts ….
Still hiding behind what is clearly an obvious scam. There was no Russian Collusion. There never was Russian Collusion. There was a deep rank dirty swamp of people that wanted to continue sucking the life blood out of America, like the leeches that they are.
We KNOW John McCain was part of it. Don’t paint him as some sort of saint that he was not. It’s all there to see, for anyone that looks. They didn’t even try to hide it… they just relied on denial. Hillary, Obama…. and as much as I hate to say it, truth is truth .. the Bush’s are also a cesspool of corruption. Junior was a total puppet, while Chaney and Rumsfeld drove the show, along with Bush Sr’s CIA cronies. Remember …. he was director of the CIA before becoming Vice President…. and we know it goes at least as far back before that as Kennedy.
The Deep State has been driving the show for a long time, and their control is under massive attack. They are desperate now.. America has grabbed that little demonic chameleon by the scuff of it’s neck, and it is busy shape changing into everything it can to try and get you to let go. It is putridly desperate. It’s ONLY remote hope, is to retake congress, but the shortsightedness of that, is that they believe that will give them control. THEY are not in control. WE are … and Millions upon millions of people are saying it now. It will not matter what Congress says or does… the REAL power in America is awake… the genie is out of the bottle, and it is PISSED.
250 Liberal congressmen and women are going to try and stop that power with lies and trickery… and I truly believe this genie is NOT going to go back in the bottle. And their Nazi Brown-shirts in the streets, posing as Antifa .. are the biggest fascists this world has seen since the Nazi’s.
YES!!! Nazi’s are Bad!!! I said it .. and THE LEFT ARE THE NAZI’s. At it’s heart, America still has strong men and women. The same blood that flowed through the veins of servicemen at Normandy, has not died out. With God as my witness, America will not die on my watch. And we will take it to the mats with duty and honor, as a debt to every man and women that consecrated this great earth with their sacrifice, to keep America free, independent, and sovereign.
THIS time is the Great Trial of OUR age, and we have front row seats to History in the making. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “I prefer dangerous freedom, to peaceful slavery.” We are a nation that tamed the west with a six-gun and a saddle. That lay a transcontinental rail road from shore to shore. We are the Nation of Lewis and Clark. Of Daniel Boone and Davey Crocket. We are the Nation of The Alamo. And you can laugh, but you know it is true… we are the nation that will say “Hold my beer.” if someone says we can’t do it. We CAN do it.
They don’t want you to remember that though. If you simply forget that you can … perhaps they can stop you. But you will not have been defeated in deed, or in battle, you will have been defeated in your mind and will fail to even fight back. III% is a symbol. Those that wear the badge of III% do so with great and somber honor. The world and the media want us to forget that we CAN.
It is said … and whether it is legend or truth no longer matters … That during the Revolutionary War. Only III% of the population in the colonies actually rose to take arms against the British. Whether it was actually 3% then … or if it is 3% now or 0.3% now .. does not matter. Those that bear the mark of the III% are those that have sworn to defend their Country and Constitution to the death. And we are not talking about Berkley students playing video games in their parents basement. We are talking about Seasoned Vets, retired and active law enforcement, the blue collar muscle that made Americas Heartland.
Every Soldier and Politician took an Oath to “Preserve and Protect The Constitution of The United States against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.” Today that Constitution stands in Clear and Present Danger. The Sovereign Nation of our fathers is on the brink of surrendering without a fight or a shot fired. Because if it comes to shots … they know they will lose. War comes in many forms, and this is a war, and it is hot whether the shots are of lead, or of words.
To the last man and woman… those that call themselves III%, do so because they believe in their Country, and are proud of it. They will defend that constitution, and they will give their lives for it, if need be. They will die for their Country if they have to, but they would rather not. So… they are preparing for war. They have realized that Citizens and Servicemen alike have a duty to protect their nation. And that while our soldiers are putting it on the line over seas, that the very least we can do, is make sure when they come home … America is still here.
For we ARE at war. In the Media, in the Classrooms, on the streets, in the Court Rooms, in every city, town and village, … And we will not surrender to campaigns of lies and deception that erode the very foundation of Americas Great Strength.
In the end, Truth and Logic, like water, makes its way downhill and eventually pools together in crystal clarity… and the pool is growing deep.
Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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