Biggest Self-Own in History: Liberals Share Immigrant Story From 2014 Blaming Trump For The Obamas Administrations Actions


Over Memorial Day weekend, an article began trending on Twitter published to AZ Central showing children being held at a holding facility. However, those sharing it didn’t realize that the article is actually from 2014 during Obama’s time in office and had nothing to do with President Donald Trump.

Antonio Villaraigosa — Mayor of Los Angeles/Candidate for governor of California

Linda Sarsour — Co-Founder of the Women’s March

Jon Favreau — President Obama’s former speechwriter

Jake Silverstein — New York Times Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Hadas Gold — CNN reporter

Shaun King — Black Lives Matter activist

Most of the people who realized that the link was from 2014 deleted their tweets. This caused even more controversy since it then appeared that they only cared about the immigrant families if it were to happen under Trump.



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