After NAACP Issues Travel Advisory For Missouri, Warrior 12 Issues Travel Advisory For California

Warrior 12 Issues Travel Advisory For California

On Wednesday, the NAACP issued their first-ever travel advisory for the State of Missouri. The organization has announced that the state may not be safe for black people with, what they say, is a state full of racist law enforcement officers.

Now, patriotic apparel company, Warrior 12, has issued a travel advisory for the state of California, because it may not be safe for your guns.

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“The numerous gun-grabbing incidents, and the bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, namely the fact that guns cannot legally hold more than 10 bullets and only one long-gun can be purchased per month, are unconscionable, and are simply unacceptable in a Constitutional society,” the Warrior 12 president told us.

“How do you come into California, and find yourself face-to-face with Prop 57 armed criminals, and you’re unable to carry a modern firearm to defend yourself?”


Warrior 12 is referring to California’s Proposition 57 which allows for the early release of “non-violent” criminals in California. The state’s judgement of “non-violent” crime is any crime that’s not specifically on a list of violent crimes, and some examples of their non-violent crimes include:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer
  • Battery with serious bodily injury
  • Solicitation to commit murder
  • Inflicting corporal injury on a child
  • First degree burglary
  • Raping an unconscious person
  • Human trafficking involving a minor
  • Participation in a street gang
  • Exploding a destructive device w/ intent to cause injury (yes, setting off a bomb in a public place)

“Until the earthquake creates an island for those infected with the California mind-virus, the state is probably best avoided,” he concluded. “To all of our brothers and sisters in the state, now is the time to flee before it’s too late.”

Disclosure: Warrior 12 produces all official Blue Lives Matter merchandise.


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