National School Walkout – Political Theater

There is no utopia

National School Walkout -Political Theater

I was “taken to task” after asking if people remembered when schools were about education rather than social justice agendas; and was asked in reply if I remembered when schools were “not being shot up“, but were peaceful havens of learning and community.


But I also remember riding the subway to school in Brooklyn during the Crown Heights Riots and being terrified of getting the crap beat out of me, or stabbed, or killed with a baseball bat for bumping into the wrong person or getting off at the “wrong stop” or in the “wrong neighborhood“.

I remember my skin crawling when a middle aged creep sat across from me on a bus with his legs spread open eying me up and down and hissing at me.

I remember watching Tiananmen Square where the Chinese government drove tanks over their unarmed citizens;

And listening to my brother over the phone on 9-11 gasping and shaking as he tried to tell us that he was safe because it was his “late week“, but that he had just watched a plane fly through his 72nd floor office and wipe out half of his co-workers including his best friend.

I remember every day that I’m terrified that my kids drive.
The world is a dangerous place.

Today’s [National School Walkout] event was staged political theatre.

It was savvy propaganda artists deliberately terrifying children by convincing them that they should be more afraid of going to school than of texting and driving as if the risks were actually reversed.

There are millions of legally owned guns in this country which have never and will never pose the threat to children that they have been convinced will.

And there are tens of thousands of illegal guns and drugs that are REAL threats but don’t fit the political agenda so are being ignored.

There is NO Utopia.

The government can’t and won’t protect our children from the real threats that face them and using their fear to advance adult political agendas to instill some false sense of safety and empowerment (at taxpayer expense and in opposition of our freedom to protect ourselves and our own children) is obscene.


by Anne LaValle



(Anne LaValle pictured on the right)

Author: Thinkologist

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