Waking the Masses is No Longer The Mission – Sheepdogs Unite.

ATTENTION CITIZENS – You are not safe here. Please Move to Higher Ground.

So  much of America is still hung up on the idea of waking the masses. Especially those that are newly arrived at having a different view of what is going on.

Waking The Masses is no longer the Primary Mission. The enemy is moving in on a flanking attack. That mission ended well over 2 years ago. The Masses ARE awake. They are being cut off from each other now, so they cannot Organize.

The strategy had a very obvious life cycle. When Obama wanted to go to war with Syria was the first time Social Media woke up and found out it had power.

Everyone called and screamed at their congressmen, and Congress had no choice but to tell Obama no. That introduced a massive element into the political system that had never been there before. Social Media was NEW. Social media took the power of the scripted narrative away from government and media.

Social Media has NOW evolved into something MUCH more advanced. Social Media has become a mass Group Think Tank. It is alive. It is a Super Cray computer of people, Who NOW that they are awake, have formed Think Tanks to examine the facts everywhere.

These Think Tanks have more brainpower and skill than you could ever imagine. They are sorting through and compiling data at a record pace … and they are finding things out now that are revealing larger forces at work shaping our society.

The Think Tanks ARE The Voice of The People. The REAL voice. And the Think Tanks have Power that they are just starting to realize that they have.

This realization started on both sides shortly after the Syria incident. That was the first time that the owners of Social Media also said “Oh $hit”. It was INCREDIBLY obvious to anyone that ran online presences. WE have been talking about it for YEARS. I am statistics driven. I did financial analysis for corporate real estate for 30 years.

When you track the data, it is like watching Niagara Falls turn into a dripping faucet. I have charts and graphs with sheer drop offs on them. EVERYONE that ran an online presence talked about it …. because we were all in one of those Think Tanks together … and we shared our Data. Dozens of people running online presences that reached MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people.

I myself have reached over 10,000,000 …on a good day. We have all shared this data. We have all discussed this issue. Even with the beating they have given me this week, and it has been substantial, my 1 page reached over 3.5 million users last week, and the one they just deleted reached 13 million last week.

The question is not, “How do we Reach Those People?”. We have been reaching them for a long time. You are seeing the results in America today. You have a new President because of people communicating. You have people that are standing up for their Police, and standing up for their Country. Because of online Think Tanks that have developed and been working since the Syria incident.

These think tanks have been operating on all sides of the Political Spectrum. There are Left Wing Think Tanks, and Right Wing Think Tanks.

This sharing of information and open discussion of facts was the intention of the 1st Amendment.

The problem is that Public Opinion inside the think Tanks has been swaying recently. Silently, behind the scenes, doctors, lawyers, police, housewives, college students, that are meticulous and science minded have also been at work. The Truth IS coming out …right now … all those smart people are putting the pieces together …. just as those who are still reading this have done…without any help from me … or the medias fake rally cry that we are blindly following Trump. Trump did not win because people blindly followed him, Trump won because the message was out already, and he stepped up, and said aloud … what we had already been thinking…. and figured out.

It is harder for Younger people to see it because like every science experiment … in order to see it working … you need to establish a base line. Younger people have NO BASE LINE. Today is their base line, so they cannot see tiny functionary changes. Once you are able to collect more data, you are able to plot the data and see trends.

I believe that we are all seeing a trend now, some who have been intentionally collecting the data in these think tanks for years, have huge volumes of data, while those who are not paying as close attention now experience that mental plotting of data as a mildly disturbing feeling that “Something” is not right.

Right now more people than ever are starting to say … WTF is going on? And they are now finding the Think Tanks worth of information … because we now live in the information age. The Information War has been RAGING ….and includes fake news reports, and honestly, DECADES before Trump, CNN started staging film clips, shooting reporters on green screen and putting them into the action, etc. Perhaps this was not done out of Malice, but mere ambition of men. Every photographer and report looking for that Pulitzer Prize.

It would not be the first time the media or government misrepresented information, and it would not be the last time that information was misrepresented.

BUT … it provided a new tool … and Publishers saw the value of this new tool as well. And if anyone doubts this, they are completely naive. When there was a war …. sales went up… hey …EVERYONE tracks numbers … that’s how business works …not only did military contractors make money …. Media outlets did too.

But not just war … Natural Disasters, Tragedy, Political Upheaval, GOSSIP, …. THIS IS THE MEDIA BUSINESS AFTER ALL, it is not a non profit … and it does not have oversight. It is A BUSINESS.

One tiny adjustment at a time, Publishers and editors have done this, because the information age allows Publishers to have a think tank too … they all talk to each other now and watch what each other is doing.

i.e. One media outlet see’s another come out with a story, or make a business change that makes them more profitable. It pulls readers from one news source to another. The news agency that is losing readers is faced with bankruptcy or downsizing, so they look at the leading media outlet …. figure out what they are doing, and they do it themselves too.

Pretty soon manufacturing sensational reality becomes big business.  Trump has sold MORE news than anyone or anything ever before.


But one of the other things that media learned along the way, is that they have the power to sway public opinion. To anyone that has any kind of a base line, we can see that reporting “styles” have changed. They no longer report just the facts, but insert what they want us to think about them too.

Because of the information age, news has become available from a lot more sources. And fact checking is easier than ever. I do it all the time. I know people that live all across the country. When an event happens somewhere, the first thing I do is reach out to people I know that live in that area, and ask them what is going on. Every protest and demonstration is shot to make it look as sensational as possible.  So you get the Main Stream Media releasing the photo on the left …. and then someone in a “Think Tank” says hey … what’s really going on at that Rally, and they get sent back the picture on the right. 


This is bankrupting Main Stream Media.  Because … the #1 Top Story that is SELLING right now ….. is that the media isn’t telling the truth.

….and that is NOT a story that Main Stream Media can sell. In fact … that story is destroying the sensationalist news outlets cash cow….. and it also means that the power to sway public opinion is flowing from mainstream media …. to social media ….. and they don’t like what social media is seeing … because social media is showing the TRUTH. And the UN-sensationalized truth …. does not sell nearly as much.

Now in Social Media … it has been more of a fair an open discussion of events, than the tightly controlled view we have seen from Main Stream. MILLIONS of people talking, and sharing ideas, and that flow of opinion has moved away from the narrative they can sell better.

Who lost money when America did not go to war with Syria ?  I will tell you something that comes to mind Very Strongly …. and I am going to work backwards into this … Everyone knows John McCain went over to meet with “Syrian Rebels” and he, Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, cooked up a new plan, when America did NOT go to war with Syria. It involved smuggling arms to the Syrian Rebels. ( This is the place in the story, by the way, that Benghazi fits into. Because in 2012, the US was smuggling arms to Syria, through the Embassy in Libya. But that blew up in their faces. ) So then they tried to go to  open war with Syria, and when Social Media put the kibosh on that, they played up the whole Syrian Rebel Narrative so they could get those arms flowing again to the Syrian Rebels. This was a convenient story line change, because we originally knew them as part of Al Qaeda … but since they were enemies of our enemy in Syria … we called them Syrian Rebels and sent them Weapons … but, as has always happened to us … ala Iran Contra …. Nicaragua, Columbia … it backfired.  A huge arms market developed through Syria …. and it armed all of the same people … who then changed their name to ISIS.

It makes me read headlines like this with a double entendre

There was certainly a LOT of failure here. It cost a lot of people, a LOT of money. Nobel Peace prize winner, my arse. Some people with an actual base line know Obama ran on a platform of pulling out of the middle east altogether. Personally, with Trump in office, it is refreshing to see a President actually doing what he promised during his campaign. America is NOT used to seeing that.

But the court of public opinion has thrown a wrench into all of that. Public Opinion is ruining their story.

Statistically, this is when we first started noticing the change in the flow of social media traffic…. with the Syria and Benghazi uproar in 2012-2013. All of a sudden the faucet on communications began to slow down.  Now the difference between 2012 and today is ENORMOUS.  The Colloquial Term is … they dialed down our “Reach”.  And they have been doing it slowly for a very long time. But it is STILL not working for them … even with tiny holes …. the truth, like water will get through. In large … because now the information is available … and people can figure it out on their own. They all are. You all reading this …. have over the course of a very long time, put a lot of pieces together …. and figured it out.

There is a lot going on right now, and a lot of corruption is being uncovered … and it is NOT Russian Collusion that is being uncovered … it is what those of us that have been paying excruciating attention to detail … have known all along. Let’s be honest … some of these things we remember … even if we were not paying attention. Arms smuggling Scandal with Eric Holder. An investigation is called for. The Department of Justice is called to investigate it.

Wait .. that means Eric Holder is in charge of investigating HIMSELF.

James Clapper head of the NSA lies to Congress, says the NSA is not spying on Americans …. then along comes Edward Snowden, and we find out they are collecting every email, every text message, phone conversations, heck there was even a big scandal when German Chancellor Angela Merkel found out Obama was spying on HER, and had tapped her cell phone. HUGE uproar … an investigation is called for into spying on the American people and around the world. James Clapper is appointed to investigate …. HIMSELF…. and then the whole thing is swept under the carpet.

So to summarize … America does NOT need waking up now. That mission expired. The next mission was for America to organize. America HAS organized. In ways they cannot even imagine.


….with Millions of People, and they consist of veterans, law enforcement, and all sorts of main stream Family Americans.

And THAT NATIONAL PATRIOT NETWORK, realized a LONG TIME AGO what was happening. And that National Patriot Network realized that they were completely vulnerable with their pants down around their ankles.  One of the first targets of any war is Command, Control and Communication.  So one of the very first things they did …. was to establish National Ham Radio Communications. 50 States. Broken down to Region, Zone and County.



We may not be shooting bullets …. but WE ARE AT WAR.

The War is not going well for the other side. BREXIT is a symptom of a much bigger picture. England is desperately trying to save itself now. As a member of the EU, they lost their ability to self govern, and in the process lost their Sovereignty. These are the same forces at work within the United States today, and the US has with a very LOUD voice said  “We Love America, We Want To Stay America” …. and someone very smart …. gave them a rally cry and a catch phrase.  “Make America Great Again.”

Well those same Globalist forces that captured Europe in the EU, have designs on a very real global government. And “Make America Great Again” and American Sovereignty  …. are NOT in that plan. England figured that out with BREXIT, and France almost figured it out with Marine Le Penn, but they are too far gone.

But in small pockets, peoples and Nations across Europe are resisting. Catalonia tried to secede from Spain, Poland is being sued by the EU for refusing to Obey EU policy. Policy that would destroy their country. I’m starting to think maybe we made a mistake with all those Polish Jokes …. the Poles are smart as hell.

Oh yes, not only is America awake … but the world is awake. But every single country in the EU has already lost it’s sovereignty. They cannot escape.

The Media and Political war is RAGING …. and in America … they are losing …and if they lose America …and they lose England, then the tides of the war change drastically.

Now those National Patriots, consisting of veterans, and farmers, and shop keepers, and people from every walk of America have taken one small step to make sure their communications are not cut off, by establishing a last resort Radio Net. But a LOT of the organization of the right leaning Think Tanks are on Social Media.

TODAY … is that day that they have begun to move to sever our communications.

Not in tiny adjustments of the faucet, but by Soviet Union Style clamping down on ALL civilian news that is reporting on what they are finding.

You can look this one up yourselves. Knowledge is readily available for those that will only look.

Last Week, twitter, in what was known as #TWITTERLOCKOUT deleted THOUSANDS of conservative accounts, and deleted all of the Followers from Conservative pages. The Public Story is that they are “Russian Bots”.

Your Voice will be Silence. They do it with the Touch of a Button.


I assure you, the Russians did NOT elect Donald Trump. We Conservatives did. They have tried everything they can in their power to stop it. The BIGGEST tool they used over the last 8 years was cries of “Racism”. The Cry of Racism was used for EVERY SINGLE THING that those of us in opposition had to say.  Again … you do not need me to tell you this, just like we didn’t need Trump to tell us the media was lying.


EVERYONE that is conservative, is a racist, and now anyone that is outspoken about it is a “Russian Bot”. People …. there are NO or very FEW Russian Bots.  This is the next phase of the attack.  I have been called a Russian Instigator MANY MANY times. This is the new battle cry. And the Media is currently using all of it’s resources to persuade public opinion in this direction, and under the guise of hatred and hate groups and Russian Bots, they are using it to shut down the Right Wing Think Tanks.

A “Unite The Right Rally” was called a racist rally. A peaceful rally with permits, where protesters were bused in. Yes … I have a LOT of contacts that were there. I know the real story. It was NOT a white Supremacist Rally, it was a rally to support Donald Trump by every day American Patriots that are Doctors and Lawyers and Family people. All waving their flags, and wearing “Make America Great Again” hats on, when masked activists on the left, showed up … and who was there ????? The Media. In fact …. they had already written the articles, and they were ready to go. Thousands of people showed up to protest what they were told was a White Supremacist Rally, and you know what ? Some real White Supremacists DID show up, and the Media was sure to grab those pictures right up and get them out. But the people that were there were there to Support Donald Trump, and the Protesters were told they were coming to Protest White Supremacists, and the public has been told that Donald Trump Supporters are racists ….

New York Militia Group Speaks Out on Charlottesville Response, Hate and Bloodshed

So what happens when you put those two together …. then send in some masked provocateurs to start a fight ….  and then you tell the Police to stand down, and let it happen … and the Media had a field day with it. But I have first hand accounts of what happened.

So even through tiny holes … like water … the Truth Gets Out

Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram have seized on this climate, and the Russian Narrative, and under the cover of what we ALL KNOW IS A CROCK OF CRAP …. as much as we KNEW BENGHAZI WAS NOT BECAUSE OF AN AWFUL INTERNET VIDEO, they have been labeling conservatives as Russian Bots, and deleting ENTIRE Conservative News Outlets under the guise that they are Russian Bots.

Look for the Truth, you WILL Find it.

Today is February 27th. Last Week Facebook deleted my Second Amendment Supporting Page in the wake of the Florida School Shooting. It had 300,000 followers, and over the last 7 days had reached 13,000,000 people. Suddenly sponsors pull out of the NRA, the Media Starts SCREAMING Gun Control, and everyone that would support the 2nd Amendment has been deleted or put in Facebook Jail, or had their accounts frozen on Twitter.

As I write this my Facebook account that I used to publish on the 2nd Amendment Page … has been banned from Facebook for 30 days. No reason given. But that’s not all. All 11 Admins on the page have also been Banned from Facebook.

None of this is a surprise to me. Or any of us for that matter.  We knew this day would come, but it is a red alert crisis, as the loss of online conservative communities during a crisis and in advance of the 2018 Mid Terms, is DEVASTATING.

The goal is to take back congress, Impeach Trump, and silence all the Conservative Russia Bots once and for all.

So I say to you this. The goal is not to awaken those that are still sleeping. The goal is to save our communication network, and to allow the Right Wing Think Tanks to continue to function.

You all have your pants down around your ankles. They will convince you, that you were only a tiny minority …. we know this is not true. Your tiny minority elected a president that ALL OF THEM DID NOT WANT. Not the DNC, not the GOP, not the Media and NOT the Globalists.

Don’t let them dupe you with that one. They control what you see and they show you they are in power so that we give up hope and stop fighting.


If you go back to sleep, you will still lose.

If they silence us now, they believe America can be put back to sleep. Personally I think they are wrong.

Having looked back over a lot of history, I have to say that John F. Kennedy was a genius. No wonder they shot him.  It was Kennedy that said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

My ironic take on all of this, is that the side that is currently winning via Peaceful Revolution, are being silenced … and they coincidentally happen to be the same side with all the Guns.

Now if there is one thing that is a massive Achilles heel for the left, it is their stance on Gun Ownership.

The last thing I want is a shooting war. America is already in a Civil War, albeit a Cold War. But there is absolutely no mistake, that we are in a war.  One of their other biggest Achilles heels, is that they do not understand the Constitution.

The do not understand, that America just fought a war against a Tyrannical Government, and WON. Now suddenly for the first time ever …. they were standing around with no King or Parliament to tell them what to do. Some of them said we need to establish a central government. They were known as The Federalists. While some of them said … “Oh no, we just got done with a central government, and we are now free. We DO NOT want to make a NEW one that will become tyrannical over us.

They Do Not understand that the Nature of The Constitution is a Contract between (The People and The States) , and the entity they sought to create, The United States Government. And in that Contract, they enumerated the rights and powers of both sides of the Contract. The Anti-Federalists being DEAD SET against forming a new Federal Government relented, and said we will grant you Power to form a Federal Government ….. with a few conditions.

They called it The Bill of Rights. And what I find to be THE #1 most interesting and important part of the Bill of Rights … is Not the First … or the Second Amendment …. in fact … the most important part of the Bill of Rights isn’t ANY of the Amendments.  It is the Preamble to the Bill of Rights. NO, I am not talking about the Preamble of the Constitution … I am talking about the Preamble to the Bill of Rights …. which NO ONE knows anything about.

It reads as follows:

“THE Conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

What does it mean ?

In plain English, it says …. here is the Contract outlining your (Federal Governments) Powers …..

But to make sure that you do not misconstrue or abuse those powers, we are adding in enumerated, declaratory and restrictive clauses. Well … what were those clauses that specifically declared certain powers, and restricted others … with the intention of preventing the Federal Government from abusing its powers?

It was The Bill of Rights.  So most people have missed THE single most important part of the Bill of Rights. Every single Amendment should ACTUALLY be read as follows.

1) In Order To Prevent The Federal Government from Misconstruing or Abusing it’s Powers: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

…. Now I am not going to go on here … but if you want to see how it would read, check out:


I am however, going to pick it up from there ….. you see …. there is another major fundamental misunderstanding here in the 2nd Amendment.  We now correctly read the Amendment to read as follows …

2) In Order to Prevent the Federal Government from Misconstruing or Abusing it’s powers: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

GREAT !!! Aren’t we having this debate right now ? What was the purpose of the 2nd Amendment ?

To Prevent The Federal Government from Misconstruing or Abusing it’s Powers. It was not for Hunting, or even Personal Defense, although all of those were covered. It was to prevent Federal Government from Abusing It’s Powers.

So we can have all kinds of arguments about gun control …. but it is already pretty clear … just from what I have explained above … that we have guns so that Federal Government cannot Abuse Us.

Ok, Ok …. I know what you’re going to say ..if you like to be argumentative … you will say that, only applies to the Militia. ( That’s not at all what it says … but too often this is the argument that is used to refute the 2nd Amendment ), which begs the question.

WHO ARE THE MILITIA ….   This is another one of those things you can research for yourself ad nauseum. If you do, you will find your own volumes to support this. The best and clearest understanding is summed up in 2 quotes.

The First is from George Mason, who’s voice was instrumental in the writing of the 2nd Amendment postured the following during debates on it’s ratification. “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”


Well brace yourselves …. Who are the Militia ? They are the whole of all of the People.

So in order to prevent the Federal Government from abusing it’s powers …. The People will keep the Guns …. and NOT the Politicians.

That leads to another very important quote, also by John F. Kennedy. Do you want to hear some REAL Presidential words ?

“In my own native state of Massachusetts, the battle for American freedom was begun by the thousands of farmers and tradesmen who made up the Minute Men — citizens who were ready to defend their liberty at a moment’s notice. Today we need a nation of Minute Men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. The cause of liberty, the cause of America, cannot succeed with any lesser effort. ” (JFK Archives)


About Minuteman Militia


Who are the Minutemen ? They are Farmers and Tradesmen. They are US. They are We The People…. it is something we better remember REAL FAST. It is the purpose, of this page.

So for all the times I am asked about The Minuteman Militia …. I have to tell you … they are more POWERFUL than you can possibly Imagine. Because the Militia are The People. And The People are Supposed to have the Guns to prevent The Federal Government from misusing it’s powers.

And right now we are being told by liars, that The People need to give up their Guns and give them all to The Government. … You ask the question … Why Do I Need an AR-15? Well,

I think we just made a pretty good case for that.

Here we are today, sitting in the Court of Public Opinion … and the Social Media argument, a very PICTURE of what the 1st Amendment was supposed to be, is not going the way the Media and Government want it to.  So they have stepped in to delete, imprison, and silence all voices that are saying this ….

While simultaneously exploiting Children and the Murder of Children to make their case, that the People should give all their Guns to the Government. …

And they are losing that argument as well. America has decided that Schools need to be Protected. NOT that Guns should be taken away….  So ANYONE who has pointed this out …. is now Banned from Social Media.

No …. the mission is no longer to wake up America … it is to organize those that are awake. It is to protect

the Collective Think Tank and Brain Trust, and it is to maintain communication between them.

America … it is raining, and we need to IMMEDIATELY make sure we are not silenced. And we can connect and Organize …

And as it is pouring …. what we really need …. is a Safe Haven for those Patriots … and Facebook, and Twitter aren’t it.

Now that you are being silenced …. there IS one last chance to save as much of that community, discussion and brain trust ……



The Patriot Ark

Mark Wolf
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