Indoctrination and the Political Exploitation of Students by Radical, Anti-American Educators.

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Indoctrination and the Political Exploitation of Students by Radical

Anti-American Educators.

By Michael Bohr, CI

March 14, 2018

April 20, 2018

May 1 , 2018 (May Day)

These are the 3 days being put forth as dates by [America’s] Teacher Unions and Radical Marxist Teacher Groups like the “Badass Teachers Association” (BATs) to stage a Walkout/go on strike against the Constitutional Right of Americans to own firearms… and they are planning to use your children to do so.

They’re also engaging [through] the Gates-Soros funded “Action Network” to do so.

Their alleged reason/excuse is the deadly attacks in schools by mentally deranged individuals using firearms… but this is only the latest “Never let a tragedy go to waste” excuse to be exploited for the larger and older agenda of these Anti-Americans to destroy the basic liberties of American Society.

Exploiting the children in public schools for political purposes has been the mainstay of the two major Teacher unions, the NEA and AFT, as well as nearly all their subsidiary State level and local unions for a very long time.

Remember how parents had begged for this sort of action in order to fight against Common Core, High Stakes Testing and the 4th Amendment violating Behavioral Data Collection but were told “NO” by nearly every teacher in an alleged educational act of “solidarity” to not exploit the student body? Of course, this also occurred as many states and school districts faced teacher strikes over pay, benefits and tenure.

And now we once again see that, when the selfishness of greed and/or political partisanship is at stake, teachers, by and large, act more like stoned 60’s radicals than professional educators with the best interests of children in mind.

Oh, they certainly claim that they in fact DO, have them in mind… as they vehemently REFUSE to either take up arms to defend against such heinous attacks, or even allow other to do so.

No, they are demanding that all firearms be restricted and taken away from law-abiding citizens.  And ONLY be allowed for government Police and Private Security Forces, which they begrudgingly say that *THEY* would allow to be in schools… no doubt patrolling the hallways and grounds like Corrections Officers on a Prison Cell Block, with *THEM* as Warden.

But walking out of class after they clock in for a days pay isn’t all they are planning. Heavens No!

They are fronting this Radical Protest through the children themselves!

These people, who are violating their professional oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States are handpicking select students, whom they have groomed to be Radical leftwing protestors in the classrooms we pay for, to take the lead.

In conjunction with the Social Justice Teachers and their Unions, to instigate a mass walk out by students and to March on State and Federal Legislative offices, political offices and town halls across the Nation.

At the very minimum, by convincing and deceiving students to abandon their schools for a Unions Marxist political agenda falls under the coverage of laws pertaining to “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” and quite possibly into the realm of “Kidnapping by Psychological
and abusing the positions of authority that these Communist traitors have stolen from what once was a noble profession and calling!

As parents, we are fully aware that just trying to get our teens to clean up their rooms and do their chores is a chore in and of itself. Requiring the constant parental micromanagement of their lives… and yet SOMEHOW, we are to believe that our attention deficient sons and daughters have managed to organize nationwide protests in a matter of 24-48 hours after a shooting… by themselves???

I dare say that this teen-led conspiracy theory being pushed by the left’s Social Justice Sirens such as Diane Ravitch would fall to a million pieces upon the scrutinizing of teachers, Democratic Party, Union emails, texts, social media groups and accounts!

So what are parents to do?

First off, I suggest that parents who are truly involved and concerned about the already diminishing quality of public education; with its ever increasing costs for payroll and untested union backed pedagogues and curriculum aligned with the Common Core, go before their Administrators and School Boards.

Demand that any teacher who calls out sick or walks off the job be immediately FIRED! Inform School Administrators that anyone prompting a child to consider and/or actually leave school grounds or merely abandon their studies to attend a politically biased protest, be reported to the Police and charged with “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Child Endangerment, Professional Misconduct, Violation of Oath of Office” and if applicable, “Kidnapping of a Minor.”

This “Social Justice” activism by the so-called “SJ Warriors”, who in reality a nothing more than the Communist acolytes of Radical 60’s anti-American violent, Marxist agitators now-turned-Professor in Universities and Teachers Colleges across the nation. (whom, it must be noted, are responsible for the double-digit percentage rise in tuition costs to attend their ‘classes’).

If these people want to make political statements and March on D.C., they have that right as citizens of this great Nation.

What they DON’T have: is the right to be paid with our tax dollars to do so and to use government resources such as classrooms and schools they’re employed to work in, to indoctrinate and recruit MINOR CHILDREN into their ideological cults and commit Truancy in doing so!

Frankly, former FBI Director, now Special Prosecutor Mueller would have more success investigating and convicting these Communists than any Russian on Facebook two years ago pretending to like President Donald Trump.

As I recall, isn’t this just the sort of thing the FBI usually investigates under RICO statutes?

Michael Bohr, Contemporary Insurgent

Author: Thinkologist

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