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(Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by Eduardo Munoz-Pool/Getty Images)

OAN’s Stephanie Stahl
4:35 PM – Tuesday, September 19, 2023

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden took to the stage at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to condemn “Russian aggression” and to emphasize the importance of global unity in coming to Ukraine’s defense. 


Biden called for stronger international support for Ukraine and urged Congress to greenlight an additional $24 billion in assistance to Kyiv as it faces its ongoing war with Russia. 

President Biden asserted that if “we allow Ukraine to be carved up,” it could threaten the security of the United States and other nations as well. 

“Russia believes that the world will grow weary and allow it to brutalize Ukraine without consequence,” Biden declared. 

“But I ask you this: If we abandon the core principles of the U.N. Charter to appease an aggressor, can any member state feel confident that they are protected? We must stand up to this naked aggression today to deter other would-be aggressors tomorrow,” he continued. 

The number of Americans who support providing additional weapons to Ukraine reportedly believe that it demonstrates to China and other U.S. rivals a will to protect American interests and allies, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey that was conducted back in June.

“That is why the United States together with our allies and partners around the world will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity — and their freedom,” Biden said. 

However, the majority of House Republicans have pushed back on the U.S.’s consistent assistance for Kyiv in its effort to repel the nearly 19-month-old Russian invasion that does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. 

During the end of his speech, the president emphasized his intention to reduce risks when dealing with China. He also added that the U.N. should cooperate with China on issues like climate change.

While talking about the effects of climate change, Biden made mention of the extreme heat waves and wildfires that have been hitting North America.

Despite Biden alluding to the importance of addressing climate issues, he will not be attending the special climate summit hosted by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres on Wednesday.

The upcoming summit will reportedly encourage nations to present new ideas and strategies for reducing emissions and for tackling climate change. U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, will be representing the United States at the summit instead of Biden.

White House officials have continued to downplay Biden’s absence at the summit.

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Stephanie Stahl
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