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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
1:59 PM – Monday, June 19, 2023

Stacey Plaskett, the Democrat delegate who represents the U.S. Virgin Islands, slipped up during a Sunday MSNBC interview, asserting that former President Donald Trump “needs to be shot” over the alleged mishandling of classified papers.


“He should be stopped,” she hastily corrected herself.

“Having Trump not only have had the codes but now having the classified information for Americans and being able to put that out and share it in his resort with anyone and everyone who comes through should be terrifying to all Americans,” Plaskett told anchor Jonathan Capehart. “And he needs to be shot—stopped.”

Plaskett, a 57-year-old non-voting member of the House, also dismissed claims that a “two-tiered system” of justice led to Trump’s indictment, even though Republicans pointed out how President Biden’s recent stashing of classified documents has not yet been legally addressed and Hillary Clinton was never charged for retaining classified documents on a private email server while secretary of state.

“The two-tiered system is not to punish them more,” she said, claiming that GOP legislators were pushing propaganda to make Americans “distrust” law enforcement. “They want it to allow them to get away with more than everyday Americans… to make Americans believe that they, in fact, are above the law.”

The reportedly “stolen” materials contained important defense information, which Trump allegedly presented to those who did not have the necessary security clearances.

Plaskett had served as an impeachment manager for Trump’s second impeachment, when the Democrat-controlled House charged the 45th president with instigating an insurgency following the Capitol breach on January 6, 2021. The Senate eventually acquitted the former president.

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Brooke Mallory
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