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UPDATED 6:35 PM – Thursday, April 20, 2023

A senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee applauded a proposal by Pete Buttigieg that calls for investing $20 million into brand-new female crash dummies, using the Department of Transportation’s fiscal 2024 budget.

Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) praised Buttigieg (D-Ind.) and his suggestion for the new crash test dummies at his Thursday hearing before the House Appropriations subcommittee.

The secretary of transportation, according to her, is intending to make “important investments to address the road safety crisis.”

DeLauro referred to the funding for the new crash dummies as “critical.”

“This will start to fight the gender inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims,” she said.

DeLauro added that using female crash dummies is a topic that she has already written to Buttigieg about.

The $20 million was requested by the Department of Transportation “to support cutting-edge safety and accessibility research initiatives,” including the creation of test dummies “that represents small-sized adult females.”

According to the proposed plan, the $20 million would also be used to fund research on “the impact of driver distraction from in-vehicle technology interfaces” and on factors that should be considered when designing vehicles to provide accessibility for individuals with impairments.

DeLauro made her remarks a day after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) unveiled his debt ceiling measure on Wednesday. McCarthy’s proposed legislation suggested raising the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion over the course of the following year, or until March 31, 2024. Depending on which one came first.

By bringing discretionary expenditure back to pre-pandemic levels and keeping budget increases at 1% annually, the plan could control inflation and restrain government spending.

“If Washington wants to spend money, it will have to come together to save money… Just like every household in America,” McCarthy said. 

McCarthy also asserted that the plan could specifically “claw back billions of dollars of unspent COVID spending that has sat for the last two years.”

“Women are 73% more likely to be injured in a car wreck than men,” according to Verity Now.

The statistic insinuates that women generally have weaker, more fragile bodies than men do. However, when this knowledge has been brought up in other contexts, especially regarding transwomen’s participation in female sports, the same Democrat officials have typically disagreed or considered this fact to be unrelated, or even transphobic.

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