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UPDATED 3:14 PM – Friday, March 10, 2023

A father in Concord, New Hampshire, decided to dress up as Julius Caesar at a recent school board meeting as a statement to incite his claims that the public school district is purposely fostering gender confusion.  

The Concord School District (CSD) has now found itself in the middle of a politically-fueled media frenzy regarding some parents who are fed up with their children’s curriculum regarding gender-inclusive identities and language, saying it’s subliminal indoctrination and inappropriate for elementary school kids to be learning.

Michael Guglielmo, 60, called for Christa McAuliffe Elementary School to suspend CSD Superintendent Kathleen Murphy and Principal Kris Gallo for authorizing these ideologies in their classrooms and allowing an art teacher, 24-year-old Silas Allard, who identifies as LGBTQ+ to continue working there.

He has been very unreserved about his issue with the LGBTQ+ teacher, highlighting that he doesn’t believe that it’s appropriate for an elementary school teacher to be wearing traditionally-feminine clothing at work and that his past social media posts are also too perverse for children to view.

“My concern is that he’s engaging in gender confusion and gender dysphoria. I have no problem with the LGBTQ community,” said Guglielmo.

Hundreds of other parents at the school even joined together to support Guglielmo’s concerns regarding the teacher and are asking the school to make Mr. Allard modify his choice of attire to look more stereotypically-male.

However, those who oppose Guglielmo’s opinions say that he is a dangerous man that has a lengthy history of arrests and violent behavior in the state of New Hampshire, and that they consider him to be the real and only threat to the elementary school.

The other parents and school staff who have a problem with Guglielmo have said that he often picks up his daughter wearing t-shirts displaying gun-imagery and a red hat that reads, “F – k BIDEN.”

Last month, Guglielmo was banned from visiting or picking up his daughter from Christa McCauliffe Elementary School due to an exchange he had with the art teacher.  

Guglielmo had asked Mr. Allard if he could use his phone to take a picture of him, to which he agreed.

After Mr. Allard agreed to have his picture taken, Guglielmo then asked the art teacher if he could pose for the picture, but Mr. Allard declined his second request. The CSD deemed the father’s actions as harassment and intimidation, so they banned him from entering the campus for a month. Guglielmo, along with the support of other parents who agreed with him, then began reporting Mr. Allard and criticizing the way he runs his classroom. So much so, that eventually the CSD decided to then place Mr. Allard on leave and launch an investigation into all the complaints that Guglielmo and the other parents were reporting.

After a month, the CSD found no issues with Mr. Allard and decided to allow him back on campus to continue teaching art.

During the school board’s Monday meeting, Guglielmo decided to make a scene by dressing up as Julius Caesar as a statement in pushing back against the board’s authorization of Mr. Allard’s return to the classroom.

“I am Caesar. Julius Caesar of Rome, the emperor. I am also a female… Does anybody here believe that? That I am Julius Caesar? Anybody believe that? No, of course not. It’s ridiculous,” Guglielmo stated in the meeting.

“Your duty is to act in the best interest of children. It is to teach truth, not lies. Facts, not fiction. Biology, not a social agenda… As taxpayers, we deserve to have our children taught what we pay for, and it’s not a social agenda, whether it be right or left,” Guglielmo announced.

This isn’t the first time that a parent has gone against their child’s school district or teachers, and many parents have protested what they’ve deemed as inappropriate and controversial curriculums that include topics such as critical race theory or “CRT,” as well as some over-sexualized books that they’ve found in libraries or classrooms at their children’s school.

A spokesperson for the district has come out and said that they “reject all forms of hatred and discrimination,” and it strives to “rejoice” in the diversity of its community.

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