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Caitlin Sinclair – NY Political Correspondent
UPDATED 9:27 AM PT – Friday, October 7, 2022

New York Mayor Adams declared a state of emergency Friday over the city’s migrant crisis and pleaded for financial and legislative assistance from the federal government and state lawmakers. 

Mr. Adams said in a speech at City Hall that the city was preparing to spend $1 billion on its response and that funding to help pay for housing and services for the busloads of migrants is needed. At least nine more buses arrived on Thursday.

He spoke about the city being overwhelmed by the roughly 17,000 migrants who have arrived since April and that he expected as many as 100,000 to arrive eventually. 

Adams reiterated that New York City is still a sanctuary city but stressed it is unable to handle such an overwhelming influx of migrants.

According to a City Hall statement, New York City has opened 42 hotels as emergency shelters and placed 5,500 migrant children into public schools, since “this humanitarian crisis began” in “fast and urgent action” with “virtually no coordination from states sending them.” 

City officials said that roughly a third of migrants arriving in the city want to go to other destinations, including many Venezuelan immigrants who have relatives or friends in Florida. Mr. Adams said the city is working to transport those migrants to other cities.

Leaving New Yorkers to wonder why Eric Adams and other Democrat mayors are so unprepared for the influx of illegals that their own party invited to come here.

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