DeSantis lights up Jacksonville rally in support of his endorsed school board hopefuls

Neil W. McCabe, OAN National Correspondent
UPDATED 7:31 AM PT – Tuesday, August 23, 2022

(JACKSONVILLE, FLA.)  The Republican governor of Florida ended his day-long Education Agenda tour of the Sunshine State Sunday at a rally for supporters at The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center here, where he urged them to back April Carney and Joyce Charlotte in the Aug. 23 Duval County school board election.

“I don’t remember ideology being injected into my school. I just learned basic subjects, but now you have a situation in which so many people, they want to use our school system not to educate kids, they want to indoctrinate kids,” said Gov. Ronald D. DeSantis, in front of hundreds of local conservative activists.

“You saw us do that by passing a curriculum transparency legislation that I signed,” he said. “I guess it was probably about four or five months ago at this point, guaranteeing the right of every parent in Florida to know what’s being taught to their kids in school, to know what textbooks are being used. You’d think that would be a no-brainer?”

The governor toured the state for his school board candidates because he and Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.) have no primary opponents, while there is top of ticket ballot fights on the Democratic side. The fear is that Republican turnout will suffer, so the governor went on the road to whip up the base.

DeSantis said the key to his education agenda is to restore parental rights and to protect children from leftwing indoctrination, and the predatory sexualization of the curriculum.

The governor said the woke ideology is so embedded in the education establishment that the state’s education recently rejected math textbooks, because they wove leftist lessons into the math lessons.

“Two plus two equals four. It’s not two plus two and how does that make you feel? Or is that an injustice?” he said.

Democrats assumed that when they called upon their leftwing allies in the big corporations, like Disney to put pressure on DeSantis, he would cave would not sign the Parental Rights in Education bill, he said.

“I think they thought, well, if you have somebody like Disney involved coming down against it, then obviously that’s going to be very difficult, and that’s going to be very difficult for the Governor to step up and sign it,” he said.

“Well, they thought wrong when it came to the state of Florida,” he said.

DeSantis said leftists and their corporate allies also thought they could stop him from protecting women’s sports from males competing against them.

“You had a lot of corporations that were virtue signaling about protecting women’s sports,”
he said.

“Even the NCAA was saying, hey, any state that protects women’s sports, we’re not going to hold events in that state,” he said.

“My view is, go ahead. Make my day. I don’t care. You need Florida more than we need you.”

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