House passes $839B defense policy bill

UPDATED 4:45 PM PT – Friday, July 15, 2022

The House passed its annual defense policy bill. In a bipartisan 329 to 101 vote Thursday, lawmakers boosted the National Defense budget to nearly $840 billion for fiscal year 2023.

This is $37 billion more than the Biden administration had requested in military spending. The National Defense Authorization Act allocated billions to the pentagon for voluntary spending and would give troops a 4.6 percent pay raise.

The House Armed Services Committee first advanced the bill in June by a vote of 57 to 1. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), a ranked member of the committee, said on Wednesday that the bill was “the definition of a bipartisan bill.” Additionally, it prohibits the Biden administration from selling or exporting F-16’s to Turkey . The House approved the amendment that added hurdles to the jet sale to the NATO ally amid concerns about its purchase of Russian weapons which is a violation of neighboring countries territory and human rights concerns.

“It will enhance Congressional oversight of the Department of Defense,” Rogers voiced. “It will improve the quality of life for our service members and their families. It will ensure our military is properly resourced and equipped to defend our nation and our allies.”

A separate version of the annual defense policy bill still has to be considered in the Senate and then both versions will be reconciled in conference committee before the bill makes its way through both chambers for final passage.

The Senate is expected to pass its version of the NDAA in the coming weeks.

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