Biden: US ‘will not be directly engaged’ in Russia-Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a ne-hour phone conversation Saturday. (AP)

US President Joe Biden and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a ne-hour phone conversation Saturday. (AP Photos)

UPDATED 12:06 PM PT – Wednesday, June 1, 2022

President Joe Biden is walking back claims that he wants to see Vladimir Putin removed from office, despite previously stating the Russian leader “could not remain in power.” In a New York Times editorial Tuesday, Biden said the US does not seek a war between NATO and Russia. Additionally, he said the US will not push for Putin’s ouster.

The President said as long as the US or our allies are not attacked, America will not directly engage in the war. Biden also asserted US troops will not be sent to Ukraine or attack Russian forces. However, despite his claim, Biden affirmed the US will keep continue military, humanitarian and financial support for the Ukraine government.

Meanwhile, Russia held nuclear drills after President Biden announced plans to send advanced rocket systems to Ukraine. On Wednesday, Russian media reported nuclear drills were held in an area northeast of Moscow.

Also in Tuesday’s op-ed, Biden said he would be sending more military equipment as part of a new $700 million package for the Ukraine government, including anti-tank missiles and precision rockets. The Kremlin warned Biden is “adding fuel to the fire,” despite the US President stating that Ukraine will not be able to used those rocket systems to strike into Russia.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated those sentiments Wednesday. He also said there is a strong trust between Ukraine and the US, along with NATO allies and partners.

“The Ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on Russian territory,” Blinken stated. “There is a strong trust bond between Ukraine and the United States as well as with our allies and partners. I’d also say that throughout this aggression, indeed even before, President Biden was very clear with President Putin about what the United States would do if Russia proceeded with its aggression, including continuing to provide security assistance that Ukraine needs to defend itself against the Russian aggression.”

In the meantime, energy market analysts believe oil prices could hit $150 per barrel in coming weeks as a result of tensions with Russia. According to reports Tuesday, Russia may reduce oil exports by 18 percent this year. This comes as Russian companies prefer to sell oil in the domestic market and export excess supply to Asia amid Western sanctions. Experts have suggested geopolitical tensions may contribute to an economic downturn in the US.

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