Americans honor George Washington for setting president precedent

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UPDATED 12:01 PM PT – Monday, February 21, 2022

Sen. Todd Young (R-S.C.) highlighted the meaning behind Presidents’ Day while Americans across the country took time to observe the national holiday. The Republican shared a video on Twitter Monday, focusing on the holiday’s origins and how Presidents’ Day is really about the idea that all Americans are equal.

Young said the third Monday in February is generally associated with George Washington, adding his vision that in America that any ambition can be met through merit is what is celebrated. The South Carolina lawmaker expressed his hope that this will remain the country’s aspiration.

The holiday has its roots in the late 1870s when Arkansas Sen. Steven Wallace Dorsey, a Republican, proposed making George Washington’s birthday a bank holiday. The bill was a popular one and was signed into law by then-President Rutherford B. Hayes on January 31 1879.

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