Biden’s COVID-19 response continues to be called into question

Jane Ellen Norman, 12, holds vaccination cards for her and her 14-year-old brother Owen outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. The two were vaccinated Tuesday morning, after U.S. regulators expanded use of Pfizer's COVID-19 shot to those as young as 12. (AP Photo/Angie Wang)

Jane Ellen Norman, 12, holds vaccination cards for her and her 14-year-old brother Owen outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. (AP Photo/Angie Wang)

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UPDATED 8:08 AM PT – Monday, January 3, 2022

The federal response to the coronavirus pandemic has continued to fall short. According to MRNA vaccine inventor and virologist Dr. Robert Malone, the government officials have mishandled the federal response to COVID-19.

“They are lawless, they completely disregard bio-ethics, they’ve broken all the rules that I know, that I’ve been trained on for years,” he stated.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Dr. Malone said vaccine mandates are “explicitly illegal” while claiming they violate the Nuremberg Code and international law. The Nuremberg Code was adopted in 1947 and bans medical experiments without the patient’s consent.

Malone also said the COVID-19 crisis has been very profitable for the Big Pharma and hospital systems.

“The thing that ties all this little part of this story together, including the suppression through the government of early treatment, hospitals are incentivized financially to treat COVID patients,” he explained. “…And if people are given treatments that are keeping people out of of hospitals, they (hospitals) are not getting that revenue.”

Dr. Malone also said the Biden administration is suppressing safe and effective COVID-19 treatments such as Ivermectin to promote mass vaccination. In the meantime, reliance on masks and social distancing rules are also being challenged.

Pfizer board member and former FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb admitted face masks do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19. In an interview Sunday, Gottlieb said masks could be somewhat effective against droplets, but COVID-19 is an airborne virus that goes easily through a mask. He suggested masks could work against regular flu, but not the coronavirus.

“Cloth masks aren’t going to provide a lot of protection, that’s the bottom line,” Gottlieb explained. “This is an airborne illness, we now understand that, and a cloth mask is not going to protect you from a virus that is spread through airborne transmission.”

Gottlieb also said mandating booster shots in schools is not the right thing to do.

“I certainly don’t think schools should be mandating boosters,” he stated. “I think this should be left up to the discretion of parents and their physicians. You know, it’s going to depend on the individual circumstance. What is the risk that the child’s facing?”

Gottlieb also noted that the Omicron variant is causing mild symptoms, if any, and there is no reason to keep schools closed.

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