mRNA vaccine inventor suggests collusion between CNN, Pfizer

Dr. Robert Malone holds the reins of his stallion, Jade II Da Sernadinha, on his horse farm in Madison, Va., on Wednesday July 22, 2020. Malone, who serves as a consultant to a Pentagon-funded program that develops medications to protect American troops from biological threats, believed enough in famotidine’s efficacy and safety as a COVID-19 drug that, when he contracted the disease, he took it himself. He reported on his LinkedIn page that he’d figured out the proper dose and became “the first to take the drug to treat my own case." (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Dr. Robert Malone holds the reins of his stallion, Jade II Da Sernadinha, on his horse farm in Madison, Va., on Wednesday July 22, 2020. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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UPDATED 2:09 PM PT – Friday, November 12, 2021

The inventor of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines has sounded the alarm over potential collusion between CNN and Pfizer. Dr. Robert Malone deconstructed a CNN segment featuring the network’s chief correspondent and Sesame Street’s Big Bird.

Dr. Malone said he believes Pfizer is using CNN as a surrogate to advertise directly to children, driving consumer demand to cause the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to purchase additional unlicensed vaccines. He said not only does this constitute illegal marketing of an unlicensed pharmaceutical product, but may also meet the criteria for corrupt racketeering.

He maintained Pfizer is pushing for vaccinations while the drug is still in its emergency authorization status because pharmaceutical companies will not be held liable for an experimental medication.

“Coverage that allows Pfizer to not be held liable for any adverse events only applies to the Pfizer product, which is still under emergency use authorization,” said Malone.

Additionally, Malone contended that Pfizer circumvented the normative Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process, evading the conventional peer-reviewed period in order to meet mandate standards and the true efficacy rates dip into the 40 percent range as studies out of Israel suggest.

“What I think they’ve done here is jam something through that will enable the government and commercial entities and states to mandate vaccines to the military and otherwise. But by their own statements they don’t have the data to support the safety and efficacy claims,” said Malone. “The claims they do have are completely outdated. It’s based on the alpha and beta variants.”

Dr. Malone has also questioned why corporate media outlets censure ivermectin despite its worldwide use and long-held benefits.

Meanwhile, CNN has continued to peddle its anti-ivermectin agenda, falsely labeling the medication as a horse de-wormer. In an effort to promote vaccines and suppress alternatives, the network has leveled attacks against high-profile figures with large platforms who even suggest ivermectin as a legitimate therapy.

The most recent subjects of these attacks have been podcaster Joe Rogan and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. CNN aired numerous segments ridiculing the athlete for speaking out on his personal health decisions, calling it a dangerous use of his platform.

Despite CNN’s best efforts to discredit ivermectin, the CDC itself lists the drug as an integral part of its program for U.S. bound refugees. It also recommends it as a presumptive therapy for all refugees originating from the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

In response to the backlash, CNN issued a statement that not only ignored Gutpa’s admission, but also doubled down. The mainstream media outlet alleged a powerful voice in media like Rogan was promoting the use of “an unproven treatment for COVID-19 and a drug developed to ward off parasites in farm animals.”

Dr. Malone’s suggestion of collusion between CNN and Pfizer may explain the corporate media’s determined push for vaccines and mandates while discrediting any alternatives.

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