Cities see rise in crime after defunding the police

Three New York Police Department officers. (AP Photo)

Three New York Police Department officers. (AP Photo)

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UPDATED 8:15 PM PT – Friday, July 2, 2021

After the death of George Floyd, many U.S. cities run by Democrat leaders defunded their police departments. However, after a surge in various crimes such as homicides and shootings, officials have taken steps to increase funding for law enforcement.

New York decided to cut funding from their law enforcement agencies after defund the police movements urged leaders to make changes. However, a 77 percent increase in shootings in March prompted New York to raise funding for law enforcement.

“The task force said it was important to address on a budget level the need to focus more on our young people, the need to make a clear statement that our investments and our young people are our future,” Mayor Bill De Blasio (D-N.Y.) announced. “Policing matters, for sure.”

Meanwhile, homicides in Pennsylvania have increased 34 percent this year. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) weighed in by saying calls to defund the police have escalated crime.

“I think there are other sources of this problem. It’s probably complex,” he explained. “It’s probably multilayered, but a contributing factor is probably this movement that’s so hostile to police. The idea of defunding the police. The idea that police are systemically racist.”

Los Angeles also cut police funding last year, but the mayor recently proposed a funding increase after seeing more shootings and murders. The city has seen an almost 30 percent increase in homicides so far this year. Both Minneapolis and Seattle also want to replenish their police force following an uptick in crime on black Americans after cutting funds.

In June, Joe Biden announced more funding for police departments.

“The president has never supported defunding the police. He’s always supported community policing programs,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated. “He’s supported giving funding to states and localities around the country, including through his American Rescue Plan, because he thinks there is an essential role to play for community policing.”


Biden has insisted on attributing the escalation in crime to gun violence, despite an increase in car thefts, robbery and rape in major cities across the country.

Nationally, murder has skyrocketed in 2020 and many cities saw homicide rates rise 30 percent in the last three months. In 2020, the state of California saw its deadliest year since 2007.  Homicides in the state increased 31 percent.

If the current crime rates keep increasing, 2021 may see the highest murder rate in a quarter century.

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