56 GOP Reps. demand Joe Biden oust Kamala Harris as border czar

Kamala Harris watches Joe Biden deliver his address to a joint session of Congress. (Jim Watson/Pool via AP)

Kamala Harris watches Joe Biden deliver his address to a joint session of Congress. (Jim Watson/Pool via AP)

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UPDATED 9:57 AM PT – Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Republicans have slammed Kamala Harris for her failures in her role as border czar. GOP lawmakers have called on Joe Biden to replace Harris due to her mishandling of the latest immigration crisis.

In an open letter to Biden on Monday, 56 Republican congressmen said Harris has failed to visit the border and provide any assistance to immigration officials. Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.), who leads the effort to replace Harris, asserted her actions were unacceptable.

“I do feel it’s also important to address, one more time, the crisis at the border and the variety of bad things because of that crisis,” he expressed. “…The fact that we had under 10,000 people crossing the border only four or five months ago show it’s not something we don’t know how to solve.”

The lawmakers reported the U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended 180,000 illegal aliens last month, which is a 21-year high. The CBP also predicted at least 1,000 immigrants have been sneaking across the southern border per day, compared to an average of 200 per day last year.

“We are willingly allowing a massive increase across the border,” Grothman stated. “…That massive increase, since the drug cartels charge people to come here, also increases the power of those drug cartels.”

Meanwhile in her recent statements, Harris repeatedly lied that she has already made a visit the border. Earlier this month, when Biden’s border czar was asked if she had plans to visit the border, she claimed her disinterest in “grand gestures.”

“On the issue of Republicans political attacks, or criticism, or even concerns, the reason I am here in Guatemala as my first trip as Vice President of the United States is because this is one of our highest priorities.,” she claimed. “I will continue to be focused on that kind of work as opposed to grand gestures.”

Grothman and his fellow Republicans argued Harris has ignored the potential role these policy decisions could play in the border crisis and has refused to witness the thousands of immigrants held at detention facilities along the border first-hand. They stressed Biden must appoint a more competent official to relieve the Biden administration’s failing immigration system and curtail drug trafficking across the U.S. Mexico border.

“It to a degree results in separation of children from their families as unaccompanied children come here,” he explained. “A given number of children are probably rented by people to come here because they know supposed intact families have a better chance of being allowed in this country.”

The lawmakers went on to warn the U.S. cannot afford another minute of inaction from Harris. They insist her disinterest in speaking with hardworking border patrol agents is insulting, especially as they put their lives on the line every day.

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