Teachers and parents join forces to end CRT

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UPDATED 8:13 PM PT – Thursday, June 3, 2021

Teachers and parents across the country are joining forces to put an end to critical race theory and gender theory in schools.

According to Nicole Solas, when she asked administrators at her daughter’s new school if they taught gender theory or critical race theory, she was denied a definitive answer. Critical race theory is reportedly being taught to children as early as kindergarten. Solas was also informed the school did not refer to students as boys and girls.

Solas tried to seek a copy of the school’s curriculum, but was met with many challenges. After submitting public access requests, she did not see any evidence of the curriculum. She stated that although she knew the subject matter was being taught, she didn’t understand why the school was attempting to hide it.

The school district held a meeting on Wednesday to decide whether to take legal action against Solas for filing the requests. “You told me to submit public record requests to answer my questions,” Solas explained. “I did what you told me and now you’re holding a public meeting to discuss suing me for doing what you told me to do.”

Solas argued that she is legally entitled to the information she requested and eventually, the district decided against filing the suit.

However, Solas is not the only one taking a stand. Jonathan Koeppel, an educator in Louisiana, is standing up against the teachings of CRT and gender dysphoria. Koeppel said children are too young to be taught this type of curriculum. He added, these teachings divide classrooms and discriminate against children with opposing views.

He will be testifying to his state legislators in Baton Rouge on Thursday regarding CRT, saying school’s may not label the curriculum as critical race theory, but it may already be in your children’s school. Koeppel hopes his state leaders will vote to protect children from discrimination in the classroom and from being taught this racist ideology.

He has gained a huge following of people from around the country, has been interviewed on several shows and has spoken at events advocating to bring an end to these teachings.

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