‘Perfectly Imperfect’

Imagine standing in the entryway to the living room of a country cottage—rain streaming down the tiled windows, long drapes flowing to the floor—as a dog snores, curled up on his master’s lap in front of a crackling fire. Porcelain jugs hold the weight of a dozen plump roses, and a grandfather clock ticks like a heartbeat. These are the images that are conjured in Ros Byam Shaw’s “Perfect English Style,” a guide on styling rooms to be comfortable, pleasing, and timeless—encapsulating the essence of the English style. The interior design writer outlines fundamental characteristics of the style, and provides tips on how to emulate it. Whether you live in a grand mansion, a small cottage, or even a tiny studio, Shaw demonstrates that anyone can add some English flair to their living spaces. Created in England, Popularized in America The English style is commonly referred to as the English …

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Skylar Parker
Author: Skylar Parker

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