Farmer Enacts Creative Response to BMW Driver Who Blocked the Farm Gate

A Welsh farmer had a creative response to a parking faux pas. When the driver of a BMW parked the car directly in front of the farm’s gate, blocking access to livestock, a little extra fencing served a lesson.

The Powys County farmer created a cage of fencing around the poorly parked car, and in doing so, shared a message for drivers everywhere to respect rural working landscapes.

Llangors green party councilor Emily Durrant posted a photo of the ingenious response on Twitter.

“It’s great [to] be welcoming everyone in Wales back to our corner of heaven, but please don’t be a plonker and park in front of farm gates,” she wrote. “It is a working landscape, not just a fun place to be.”

When farmers can’t tend to their livestock, Durrant explained, it naturally makes them “a little upset.”

The BMW was enclosed in its own makeshift paddock for the sole purpose of the photo, reported North Wales Live. The fencing was disassembled shortly thereafter, but not before making a humorous yet equally stern statement.

In response to the councilor’s tweet, one netizen admitted they would have left the fence up until the owner came asking. Another commented in support of any and every farmer trying to protect their rights of way.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Emily Durrant)

Tourists are welcome to visit, said Durrant, as they enrich the local economy and bring a lot to the area. “But people must respect the fact rural areas consist of working landscapes and they should be treated as such,” she added. “It’s the same as parking in front of someone’s storefront.

“It’s an amusing picture, but the message behind it is a serious one.”

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