Why Has ‘Global Warming’ Disappeared?

Commentary After President Joe Biden entered the White House, he created a position that had never existed before in the history of the White House—”Climate Envoy,” and climate policy was elevated to a level of unprecedented importance by Biden and the forces behind him. Why is climate policy so important to the leftist politicians? In recent years, the climate policies of the United States and European Union countries have all come from the same hypothesis, namely, “global warming.” Several years ago, global warming was almost a scientifically unquestionable conclusion; but in the past few years, the global warming hypothesis has quietly disappeared from various documents, slogans, and propaganda of government climate policies in those countries that advocated it before. What’s wrong with the global warming hypothesis and what does its disappearance mean? If you try to analyze the past and present of the climate policies of various countries, you’ll come …

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Cheng Xiaonong
Author: Cheng Xiaonong

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