The President’s State of the Union Message, What Did He Say?

President Joe Biden has given his State of the Union speech before Congress and the nation. Of all the socialistic and ridiculous things he said, the MOST outlandish and scary thing was his statement, “We the people ARE THE GOVERNMENT.” What? How far out is that?

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, we had no central government. We lived under the rules established for each individual colony. Each colony had a representative in the Continental Congress, and from that gathering of patriots came the idea of forming a central government, a more perfect union of the colonies. The people had just thrown off the tyrannical rule of King George III of England and desired for themselves a government that would be sensitive to and acts in accordance with the wishes of the people. In forming the core document, the Constitution, that would define how the government should operate, they reserved for the people certain rights and privileges that the government would have NO PURVIEW of. That means that the government should NOT intervene, in any way, in those areas that are spelled out in the Constitutional amendments. They are our Bill of Rights!

President Joe Biden, however, said that WE THE PEOPLE means the government. How wrong and how dangerous is that presumption! The people existed before the government and the people formed the government! Joe Biden should know that, and if he did not know it, he is definitely the wrong man to be in the Oval Office!

One other thing he said in his speech was that the unions built this country. How wrong is that! The unions did not exist until after this country was growing and prospering. Workers formed the unions to address certain “sweatshop” situations and in that sense, the unions did a commendable job in righting some of those wrongs. However, the union bosses soon learned that it could profit them individually to make serious and damaging demands on the industry once they controlled the workers. We have witnessed the damage that unions can do as we watch the teacher’s unions refuse to return to the classrooms and teach our children. These children have been damaged in ways that are yet to be seen. Social skills have been affected. Their natural curiosity and desire to learn have been sorely hurt.

And the crisis at our southern border was not even mentioned! Thousands of illegal aliens are pouring into our country bringing diseases, drugs, and crime, and he tells us to wear two masks as an extra precaution to avoid the COVID-19 virus, even if we have been vaccinated and are totally immune. If it was not so stupid, it would be laughable.

As China and Iran continue their evil intentions of becoming the powerful and aggressive nations of the world, Biden sees no need to have a strong deterrent force in our military. Rather he would spend billions of dollars on job-killing and non-incentivizing social programs.

Also, we should be aware that he is against any effort that would make our elections fair and secure. He has joined the masses in denigrating our law enforcement officers and raising to sainthood all criminals. He seems to forget that we are a nation of laws except when he wants to persecute the political party that opposes him. He has proven that he feels that he and his Democratic minions are above the law, including his own son, Hunter. The evidence exists to prove the guilt, but the FBI is hiding it. They too have been corrupted. Hillary Clinton lied before Congress, John Kerry has broken our nation’s laws and consulted with this nation’s enemies and they still roam free and nothing is said. And yet, Rudy Giuliana has his house raided in the wee hours of the morning and is being harassed.

Another observed concern is that the Supreme Court of the United States of America has not taken any steps to call out this abhorrent misbehavior. Evidence exists that proves the 2020 elections were fraudulent and ended with a winner who did not have the support of the majority of the legitimate voters. The problem is that the Supreme Court of the United States REFUSES to hear the evidence! Chief Justice John Roberts appears to be the stumbling block in all this mess.

I have just mentioned a few of the things that I have noticed that signal the destruction of our beloved United States of America. I did not mention the turn away from God and His mandates, the push for the critical race theory, the ridiculous climate change efforts, and the gender damaging instructions. Now, what do you think the state of our nation is? You may agree with President Biden and are happy, or you may agree with me and are very sad and distressed. The ultimate end will be decided by us according to the will of God.

Edward Howell, Jr.

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