Taiwan’s Ability to Defend Itself Against Chinese Invasion

Being that Taiwan is on the verge of being invaded by communist China, it would make sense to arm every citizen in the country to help defend their island. The Chinese communist soldiers coming to invade them would get a rude awakening if all the civilians had guns pointing at them.

I think it is time that the Taiwan government change its policy on private ownership of firearms. They should encourage their citizens to do target practice at shooting ranges and become familiar with their weapons.

The Taiwan government should also look into developing a militia. I am sure there are many gun enthusiasts who would step up to the plate to form a militia. The government should subsidize the cost of guns and ammo to get this started. And if there comes a time in the future that the CCP is stupid enough to invade the island when they know the United States is backing Taiwan up, they will also get a welcome by a large militia.

A quick side note, if they are worried about civilians shooting and robbing people, then they could pass a law that if a weapon is used to commit a crime that is premeditated, it’s first-degree murder and they will be executed.

Ray Phillips


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