What Can We Do?

Take full responsibility for ourselves and our families. No excuses. Resist asking the government for help, whether it is a grant, subsidy, waiver, exception as special privileges for our “special interests.”

Write letters to news editors, our local legislatures, and Congress.

Subscribe to The Epoch Times for excellent reporting, which includes a section clearly labeled Opinion.

Enroll in Hillsdale College free online courses (Constitution, Federalist Papers, American Heritage, etc.) for knowledgable talking points.

Pay attention to what our kids and grandkids are learning or NOT learning in school.

Limit TV and social media participation.

Search for, support, and elect candidates who support “Making American Great.”

Support organizations and foundations that do push back against government overreach.

Work with our state legislature to protect and defend the integrity of our elections. (Florida’s successful 2020 election process is an excellent example.)




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